World Photography Day

srijanbhatia Staff member

Hello Fans,

Today is World Photography Day and to celebrate we would love to see the world from your lens.

We are slowly moving back into our old lives and things appear better on the horizon and we are very eager to see the everyday parts of your life which you love, trust and keep. You can show us as many images as you want. And we would love to hear your story behind it.

Simply take a photo of something you love, trust & keep. It can be one photo or multiple photos and post it in the comments below. Also, insert a short description of the reason why you chose this picture.

Make sure you let us know which phone you used and include the hashtag #ShotOnNokia.

Some of the photos might just show up on our Instagram! 😊

Looking forward to seeing your photos and make sure you spread the word!

- Srijan