Bugs Nokia 5.3

I got a bug in nokia5.3 after the android 11 update, any scroll that was broken, the keyboard didn't respond, even though the android keyboard, the game that…

Bugs Nokia 5.3

Adie Pribumi Adie Pribumi
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I got a bug in nokia5.3 after the android 11 update, any scroll that was broken, the keyboard didn't respond, even though the android keyboard, the game that was touched didn't respond, very sorry to update to android 11



  • Olu coded guy Olu coded guy
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    Android 11 is extremely buggy... You have no control or choice than to manage it like that

  • Adie Pribumi Adie Pribumi
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    I tried various things and I found a way to find minimize bugs in android 11 nokia 5.3, everything looks normal but when playing the game in landscape mode and trying to scroll to see the status bar several times sometimes a bug occurs which initially the status bar looks clear then looks gray or not can come back and require game applications in recent apps to be deleted and then played again

  • lotech lotech
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    Couldn't agree with you more, Android 11 is extremely buggy very trouble to use, I don't know if there is anything to do with Nokia but let me give a list !

    1. The camera randomly switch back to internal storage from SD
    2. The camera failed to focus randomly, and slow to capture created lot of blurry photos.
    3. I don't know if it was Whatsapp or problem of Android 11, while shooting within Whatsapp sometimes return black image, sometimes black image with green horizontal stripe
    4. The alarm randomly failed to turn off with touch screen, has to unlock the phone to turn it off.
    5. Heavy caching in use causing all photo apps extremely slow to refresh, even worst caused me to deleted the wrong photos, after I delete multiple times the same photo because they did not go away, but actually the action queued up.
    6. Changing capture mode on camera also slow, may due to slow CPU or caching.

    I can't remember the rest, but if the above problem fixed I will not complain !

  • My primary microphone has stopped working the secondary works but primary microphone isn't picking up any sound.

  • lotech lotech
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    Adding to the bugs list.

    7. Whatsapp voice message recording muted, must reboot to fix that.

    8. In dual SIM situation, while the SIM to use for call set to "ask every time" will default to 2nd SIM after some use.

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    I'm experiencing a lot of connectivity issues after A11 update. Some apps like browsers or youtube randomly behave as if the phone wasnt connected to the internet when it clearly is connected. This happens with both wifi and cellular data. Sometimes I have to manually restart an app or the phone itself.

  • After last update, phone has worked very badly, apps doesnt work goodly as before, touch problems, apps freezes or kicks u out.

  • Falke Falke
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    Since the update to Android 11 I've been having WiFi connection issues. The phone will just disconnect from my WiFi network (WiFi icon in staus bar will disappear) and after a short while reconnect. This happens repeatedly while browsing the internet, streaming and internet calls. It also seems to happen when the phone is idle and locked, as email notifications don't come through immediately.

  • chetan t chetan t
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    i found here are aximum complaints are against nokia 5.3 DS model ...I am requesting herewith any one wants to opt for consumer court ??? Since we have bought the Phone with the quality expectations attached with the Brand Name " Nokia " and we are facing the silly problems of sensors, displays , connectivity like Nokia has Launched its 1st phone without proper testing .

  • While calling the screen is going off and unless the call is cut from the other end screen remains off. Due to this I cant even use loudspeaker or do anything during phone calls.

  • No problems with calls and screen going off... Have found A11 to be solid with no noticeable foibles .......

  • Yes bro, I am having same issue.on multi touch(more than 3 touch at once) the screen freezes after removing all fingers it again starts working but only for few seconds, after restarting it works fine for half an hour then again problem arises. I am facing this issue after September security patch, I even factory rested my phone but didn't worked. I hope nokia will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  • Hi. I can't add a new discussion so i will write here. Do anyone know how to -on browser google chrome in nokia 5.3, at the home page - add your own websites? Or make it to show your most often visited websites? I had option like this in my last mobile but right now i have no idea how to set it up... I will be grateful :)

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