Hello Guys, HMD promises to customer given Android 8.0 on end of OCT-2017 but still no any update about stable version.


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Hello Guys,

HMD promises to customer given Android 8.0 on end of OCT-2017 but still no any update about stable version.

Customers still focus on beta version????


  • If you want Oreo now, why not join the beta labs and become a beta tester. I have the Oreo Beta on my device and have found it to be very stable, it's certainly fine for a daily driver, it doesn't appear to have any real show stopper bugs that I've encountered. So why not join the beta program and help to test it, report any bugs you might find and help Nokia get a nice stable bug free release out for everyone?
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    I think we All Will love to see an final build in last oktober, but only got a beta. Too bad. Maybe its oktober 2018 we see final build 
  • user1507808215403 user1507808215403
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    You want the update when it is right not when it is quick if you want stable. If you want quick then just enrol on the beta program and stop moaning.
  • Im in the beta 
  • florin florin
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    Beta still have many problems starting on dual SIM from operator name and IMEI confusion (show from sim1 to sim2 and vice-versa. I try again Oreo beta but I see no changes in more than 1week. Was nice if they release update faster to see if they really fix this bugs, not to keep final release and to discover same bugs.
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    Thanks for your valuable feedback Florin. We're looking into the sim1/sim2 issue at the moment to avoid this kind of confusion in the future. 

    Have a great day!
    Anna (Moderator)

  • user1508528165091 user1508528165091
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    In the beta version, The camera app has also become very sluggish and freezes a lot .
    Screen rotation also causes the phone to freeze
  • user1507208628483 user1507208628483
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    No different to Nougat then regarding the camera app, it's very buggy full stop. The camera app really does need some work, but from what I've been reading elsewhere, the Lumia camera app and interface is coming to Android. I've not noticed any screen rotation issues with my device on the Oreo Beta.
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    Lots of bug i face in beta version....
    as example:- 

    sensor not work proper and some times home button not read figure perfectly and take long time for unlock phone.

    Whatsapp also not given notifications or not delivered timely a massage.

    when i open a app then received all msgs same time.

    Camera also not given best result in low light! 

  • Hi community members!

    Thanks for taking part in beta labs, we really appreciate your insights and feedback! Just to remind you that while the beta labs forum is a place for discussion and sharing experiences, all feedback should be reported via the Feedback App.

    Have a wonderful day! 
    Anna (Moderator) 

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    With the fingerprint reader you may need to add your fingerprint again and delete the old one. When you add it again make sure you try and get all the bits of your finger scanned, you should find it's then very reliable.

    With apps like WhatsApp Nougat and Oreo have a feature that puts apps to sleep if if you haven't used them for a while. You don't want that to happen with messaging and email apps, so you need to add them to the whitelist so it doesn't optimise them. I believe you will find this in the battery settings. If you do this you should receive all your alerts when you should.

    The camera app is just as buggy in Nougat, it's no different at all. My suggestion is to report all your issues via the feedback app so it helps to get them sorted out. The more of us who use the beta, the faster the bugs are going to be found. If only a small number of us are using it, it will take longer to find them all. If the beta really isn't for you, you can always go back to Nougat.
  • florin florin
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    Will be nice if we can be informed about the evolution of Oreo Beta and if is possible to receive frequent update with bugs fixed. If Nokia fix but keep that without release any update we can not continue to test and to see if that bugs are really fixed. I hope you consider my suggestion and we will receive new build with fix before official release.


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    Sony and Huawei have already updated their phones to full Android 8 Oreo! I like the idea of Nokia's Beta to iron out bugs, but only if Nokia is listening to us and making changes, they need to prove this to us with a change log! Nokia really needs to be better to stay competitive.

     I am very happy with my N8 screen quality, build quality and camera quality (it's not the fastest focus but there are even worse phones out there), only unhappy with audio quality and the fact that even though Nokia only have stock android that Sony still beats Nokia with update, and with more useful software features than just stock android.

  • paddy t paddy t
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     I agree with the things TRANCE wrote above, Sony is faster than Nokia faster to update and faster with it's rom performance despite it not being STOCK, so what is the advantage of stock anymore? Nokia claims here that they do not want to develop applications (like audio recorder that utilizes the OZO setup or radio) in order to keep it stock and help with quicker updates, yet Sony managed to supply useful applications with the rom and keep with FASTER updates and faster user performance than the pure Nokia 8, so how do they manage that? also much more customization options in the Sony rom which can make your phone look more personal, Nokia doesn't do that because they want to be stock but one asks again so what's the benefits of stock? again Sony is faster in performance and updates. another point someone mentioned here in the forums that Nokia should make use of the new substratum features under Oreo in order to enable customization WITHOUT adding a skin to the pure android, why not? I didn't see a Niokia representative actually addressing this suggestion, also I wasn't impressed with the answer which was given about the FM radio, people don't want an application they wanted a radio which works without data, I'm worried that the people in charge of thiese forums here don't take the customers suggestions seriously, I may be wrong and would like to actually see a professional response here from a moderator, someone who has the technical knowledge AND the ability to understand what the people talk about AND have the power to actually infulence and make changes in the Nokia ecosystem,

  •  TRANCE, you wrote "only unhappy with audio quality" what are you unhappy about please? fromw hat I've seen the OZO audio recording is quite great it's actually one of the most interesting features for me

  • But we do have Oreo now, Nokia released a beta to us. They want to make sure the majority of the bugs are ironed out before releasing it to everyone. If you want it now join the beta labs or if you want the very latest version of Oreo get yourself a Google phone and join their developer preview and you'll get Oreo 8.1.

    From my understanding Nokia have chosen a stock version of android as it's easier to keep it up to date and release security patches for it. They also don't include a load of useless apps pre installed on their phones either which you can't uninstall which eat up your storage space. All of this for me was a huge selling point, I have had phones full of useless apps and didn't like them.

    The Nokia 8 was never advertised as having an FM radio, if this is a feature you want then you unfortunately have purchased the wrong phone.
  • Yes, i agree with paddy t.

    An mobile only run pure Android then cost for development software will much cheaper when comparing with other mobile.

    Nokia 8 is expensive, it isn't cheaper.

    Nokia usually get reason so it run pure Android, they don't want develop software. It you need thing then getting from PlayStore? Example FM radio.

    About performance, when i use Nokia 8, i feel it is not fast as i thought, many times it is slow, hang, lag ...., camera performance is bad, it is very slow, special delay focus.

    Now, i feel disappointed when bought it.

  • I'm also agree with TRANCE, PADDY & ANH and thanks for given your feedback about phone and its software.

    We are given big amount to nokia for this N8 and nokia hit in market again for taking his best position.but still nokia nothing doing anything for taking market advantage.

    If i compare with only 1 company ONEPLUS!

    Oneplus earn between 4 to 5 rating from market for his supports, features and software updates.

    and oneplus device's price also lower then nokia 8 but features higher then nokia 8.

    That's clear symbol of success!!!

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    I'm not disappointed I bought Nokia 8, but some things really do need to be improved for Nokia to get ahead, otherwise the fanbase will die.

    For example I love the OZO microphones, finally a phone with good recording, but the lack of a recording app is ridiculous.

    The cameras can take great pictures but the focusing needs to be faster like Samsung, LG, Apple, and the software needs more features like tap screen to shoot picture and 60fps video etc that other phones all have.

    Also as has been mentioned, Nokia gives us only stock android but with no benefit to us, Sony phones still run slightly faster and get quicker android updates and lots of good software features added as well. Also I will mention that Sony is still upgrading their flagship from 4 years ago to Oreo so let's see if Nokia will support the N8 for 4 years like Sony does.

    My main disappointment is the audio quality from the 3.5mm jack is the worst out of all the flagship phones on the market, it is even worse than my 4 year old LG G3. There is distortion when I watch YouTube and slight noise floor hiss in music.

    Also we need notification LED. The earpiece speaker needs to be a bit louder, but at least it is very good quality. The bottom speaker is actually very good, better than Samsung, LG, Apple.

    I LOVE the screen, best LCD on the market, best contrast and brightness, super sharp and accurate colours and I like it better than my friends Samsung S8 OLED screen as well!

    The build feels and looks premium, and Nokia did a great job on the heat pipe cooling on this phone!

    Overall I think it's a very good phone, only a few things holding it back from being a fantastic phone which Nokia could have easily accomplished and maybe still can with software updates.

    I am at least happy to own this N8, considering it is HMD's first attempt at a flagship I think they actually did well, it's not perfect but no phone is.
  • I agree with some of the comments here, the camera app needs a fair bit of work. One suggestion if you are experiencing lag with it after taking a photo, I read from another Nokia 8 user that if you go into the settings of the Google photos app and toggle off the show my drive library option the lag disappears. As to why this would help I don't know but people who have tried this have found it to help. As for the audio quality from the 3.5mm jack, I've only really tested it with the supplies headphones which are not great and another pair of old sony ones I had knocking about. I didn't notice anything really wrong with the sound quality. I think what might be happening for some of you is you have an impedance mismatch with your favourite headphones which is causing the amplifier in the phone some issues. I don't think this is possible to sort out with a firmware update. What you could try is getting a usb-c to 3.5mm DAC, this will possibly solve your problems. I know it's probably not what you want to do, but it will probably come in handy for your next phone with the way things are going.
  •  I really hope someone with the power to influence and decide on things at Nokia read what Trance wrote above here, mentioning the good aspects and what could be improved in order for it to be amazing, another thing that bugs me is the lack of FM radio, I mean what would be the actual cost of having it in the phone when the Snapdragon 835 already enable it in it's core? it doesn't matter how many people actually use it or not, if it's a feature that can be added to the spec list for not much added cost why not? it makes the phone more useful, another thing the led notification light, how much would be the cost to implement a led into this phone? something that SOME people look for and the cost of adding it VS the added happiness for the customers I think is a win win, I would like to congratulate Nokia for adapting the OZO technology from the original project into the phone,this is unique, it's stands out, the bothie gimmick on the other hand is not useful and It makes me think Nokia aims their phone at a young immature crowd who do nonsensical things with their phones, it's okay but where is the phone for more mature people, who look for quality vs gimmicks,part of the charm of Nokia is for people who might have had Nokia phones in the last 20 years, these folks have appreciated the built quality and functionality of the Nokia brand, why not focus a little more on the functionality for instance an app for recording audio, an FM radio etc...

  • user1507208628483 user1507208628483
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    I'm not sure it's possible to enable the FM radio on the Nokia 8, it all depends whether they hooked up that part of the chip or not and whether the cable on the ear phones will act as an aerial or not. Their was a long post over on XDA about the FM radio and they didn't really get anywhere with it so I wouldn't hold your hopes up.

    Regarding a notification led they may possibly be able to make use of the backlight on the capacitive buttons to do this which would be a good work around.
  • florin florin
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    Juho Sarvikas's Tweet:

    We have well over 2000 #Nokia8 #nokiamobilebetalabs users! Thank you so much for your passion and great feedback. We've listened, we've taken action and we will soon roll out official #AndroidOreo release for everyone!
  • florin florin
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    Juho Sarvikas's Tweet: We have well over 2000 #Nokia8 #nokiamobilebetalabs users! Thank you so much for your passion and great feedback. We've listened, we've taken action and we will soon roll out official #AndroidOreo release for everyone!
  • With in how many days we can expect update ?

    Can we expect camera updates and shutter lags n other bugs ?
  • I'm running the beta, and only trouble I've got is with bluetooth, it disconnects after some hours, and also need to be reset every time I connect the phone to my car (First attemt allways gives only media, not phone).

    I'm running Googles camera app, as the Nokia still is far below par.

    Hardware in the phone should be able to deliver pretty good photos ,but still the autofocus is too slow, and taking pics in low light is a waste of time.

    Running dual sims without any problems exept for in the car, you need to choose a sim on the phone before the call gets through on outgoing calls. Should be possible to set a favourite sim when in bt-mode.

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