What's new in Nokia XR20?

Expecting a great features in XR20

What's new in Nokia XR20?

Expecting a great features in XR20


  • Update and check

  • Jkk312 Jkk312
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    IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 60 min)

    Drop-to-concrete resistance from up to 1.8 m

    MIL-STD-810H compliant

    Wireless charging

  • The microphone issue is still present.

  • Hello Everybody

    I want ask one qution, when i want make compare with nokia phne, and want know price and details i go to Source

    There are site give my more details about nokia phones?

    Thank you too...

  • fafidle fafidle
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    That is a shame I would like to say ( ) say I purchased a new telephone which fulfils the primary function of capturing and conveying voice. I am very disappointed to report that within 2 hours of activating connecting & inserting a sim, that I cannot use the new XR20 for its primary utility & function. It is lunacy a new device imagined, engineered, tested, consisting of newly manufactured componentry, made of resources, including new software. And it' a failure! A shambles from the box it's now December 2021. And a reoccurring problem which is totally & completely reminiscent of the Mokia 8 has once again appeared. Annoyingly infuriating & stigmatizing!

    Further more I paid am continuing to pay and am obliged to, in addition it has become ordinary business practice to have too perform the role and process of troubleshooting as a customer no less.

    The development distribution QUALITY process has to improve. I mean the first words during a conversation are: Hello "hello" what is the quality of the call like? "It's changing during the call" can you hear my voice ...-...- .."It's not my phone"

    During a global pandemic know what I mean. radios televisions headsets older phones from other brands not a problem same SIM same Location same Contact new XR20 PROBLEM

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