Is this a scam by Nokia?

When is the Nokia 6.1 Plus is going to be delivered for pre-orders? I ordered on 1st Sep. And where is the forum moderator?

Is this a scam by Nokia?

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When is the Nokia 6.1 Plus is going to be delivered for pre-orders? I ordered on 1st Sep.
And where is the forum moderator?


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    yes bro seems like they are fake even cc no is not working chat response very late 

  • Definitely one of the best budget Smartphones available now. No scams. It's just that Nokia didn't do it's homework well in Customer Care service & is still struggling hard to manage the demand of the product and to attend to the queries & complaints.

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    They said shipping will start after 6 Sept. I dont think many people noted that. But yes they should atleast tell when will they ship the phone.

  • Of course, you'll be informed when it is shipped and you can track shipment with the track ID provided in the mail.

  • has anyone got his order so far? how many are they taking to deliver the phone?

  • Ordered on 30 August. Shipped on 2 Sept. Received the phone on 5 September.

  • i ordered on 3rd Aug. but still no  any updates

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    Last Update.... I got imei no.
  • @user1535612527430 you are so lucky. . .  where are u located?

  • user1534946219389 ; Location- Trivandrum, Kerala. 

    Was bit apprehensive when I heard that many consignment to Kerala are being sent back following the flood situations in some parts of Kerala. In fact, was skeptical about timely delivery by the courier people. Was in constant touch with them to make sure & see to it  that the consignment is not returned. They claim that it will be returned (  few incidents of that sort  happened earlier), only if the client (Nokia) ask them to send back the product. Tracking details were confusing too. Delhivery provide updates in the morning about the status the same day in the evening ! 

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    I ordered on launch day and got the phone on 1st september.

    Shipping was gonna start from 31st. So they shipped and i got it on 1st september.

    If you have got phone and noticing picture contrast issue, please go to below link and give some solution or inputs,

    Thank you

  • I ordered 6.1 plus on 3rd Aug, but still no update. Chat with Nokia Care is a waste of time. Have waited more than 1 hr but no one replied. Dont knw wt to do?. .... whether i will get the mobile or not?   y bsce i have paid online about 16 k and there is no reply from the team and dont knw the status of the order.

  • I also purchased on 3rd sept, was not expecting any rely till 6th but now waiting fr the reply.

    people who ordered on 30th have received the phone. hopefully we will also receive it soon.

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    [email protected] 

    Send a mail querying about it to above e-mail id, they will reply.

  • The demand is more and Nokia is not ready for this demand...they don't expect huge demand but we Indians love Nokia...we have faith on this brand...guys wait for sometime you will get your beloved Nokia 6.1 plus and then you realise the wait is worth. I got from flipkart at first flash sale.
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    Has anyone noticed screen contrast issue?? The bright colour contrast is so high that it pinch in your eyes. Even when brightness is at its lowest. Red looks like pink and orange looks like something else.
  • Not facing any issues with screen. Maybe you got faulty test with Quikr scanner app... everything is working smoothly in your phone.
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    Everything working smoothly.. and no problem with screen. I'm telling about the colour contrast, open your Instagram and Facebook and check for darker pics. And also check bright coloured app icons. Especially red and orange colours.
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