Nokia XR20 Mini

Launch a mini version of XR20 with all the rugged features but smaller battery and screen.

Nokia XR20 Mini

joe367 joe367
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Launch a mini version of XR20 with all the rugged features but smaller battery and screen. XR20 is too big to hold for majority of people with its thick armoring. screen size could be between 5.8 inches to 6 inches not to affect usability.


  • Cyberdusker Cyberdusker
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    I completely agree, I would definitely consider buying a compact version of it as my next phone!

    I love everything about the XR20 but sadly it's also the biggest phone Nokia has made and one of the biggest in the whole market. While its durability wouldn't make it an issue if it were dropped, It's still inconvenient to have such a big smartphone to take around with you. It doesn't fit pockets and it's impossible to use one-handed, which I imagine as things that are rather important for the target consumer of this phone (people who use it for their work, and people on the go, with children or pets).

  • user523 user523
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    Maybe closer to 5.5" to compete with iPhone Mini.

  • Twom Twom

    I totally agree! And please add ANT+ support to use it for outdoor activities.

  • danos danos
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    Totally. I struggle to find a suitable phone every time my old one dies.

    This would be okay if it were smaller.

    I just want a ThinkPad phone. Upgrade the processor, WiFi etc. on each new model, leave the rest the same. No BS. I just want a decent phone that lasts.

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    Yes , XR20 mini (XR10) will be a welcoming addition to Nokia Tough smartphone line up.

    These Features are a must.

    1.1080p display with 6 to 6.2 inch screen size with better outdoor visibility and 90Hz refresh rate.

    2.Dedicated camera shutter button instead of Google assistant button on the right side of the phone.

    3.All screen display with minimum bezels.

    4. Similar Camera Trend With Two lenses with same high resolution 48MP main and ultra wide lenses and with 32MP selfie camera.

    All other things Nokia has already got it right with XR20.

    Nokia is the only brand that makes Elegant and Durable phones.

  • Gershon9 Gershon9

    Having just switched from the 7.1 to the XR20, I love everything about it, except for how big it is, I would love to have a smaller more manageable phone again

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    How did I miss this post? 😅

    Yes, HMD should definitely consider mini versions of niche devices like the rugged Nokia XR20. It would be great to have Nokia XR21 launched with its Mini variant. 😁

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