Introducing Nokia T20

Hello everyone! We're excited to introduce the latest device in the Nokia portfolio - the Nokia T20.

Introducing Nokia T20

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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Hello everyone!

We're excited to introduce the latest device in the Nokia portfolio - the Nokia T20.

Our latest tablet has a 2K display, all-day battery, dedicated Kids Space, 2-years of OS upgrades, and 3-years of security updates. The Nokia T20 is a tablet designed, built, and tested with the same passion as all Nokia phones.

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  • pawlakpl21 pawlakpl21
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    Haha, will you forget about this device after one year? You doing it with all previous, no support, no bug fixing, delayed about half year updates, no contact with users. "Nokia - do not trust us, we making crap devices, buy something else."

  • krishnasnapshots krishnasnapshots
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    A good step towards a big screen but could be better in the performance department. The real question is its availability and price in India 😁

  • nikhilkunwar0904 nikhilkunwar0904
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    That's a awesome step from Nokia💙 Nice design, metal back after a long time. My question is when will hit the Indian market? Many are eagerly waiting to know the dates. 🙂🙏

  • Lucy_Luke Lucy_Luke
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    I just ordered one T20 4/64/4G icluding cover for 2956 Skr. 
    Its seems to be a spec that cover my needs for mail, reading news paper, 
    streaming movies etc. I get back with a review when I tryed it for awhile.

  • RazzSahani RazzSahani
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    Dear Nokia, If you can get rid of launching phones and tablets, then take care of the update of Nokia 7.2 too. In the name of updates, those of you who have adopted a poor policy, it is not going to last long. Very soon people will feel foolish to take Nokia even in the name of update. Brands like Lava and Micromax have rolled out the Android 11 update to their phones, but Nokia (You) remains a blot on the brand name.

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    I was expecting X60 as well.

    Don't get me wrong Nokia T20 is my fav in budget tablets but please launch some phones as well.

  • Plausible move from Nokia and I have been longing to see Nokia back in top tier. OS and security support is as good as the availability of the support itself in which we will see in time. However, 5G should have been an essential specs.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    ight, it will be coming to India. When? Only the Indian team knows. Maybe @dipankar paul wants to tease a little bit?


    Also, this is something I've been wanting Nokia Mobile India to do for long. When a product is announced globally, just announce when and if it is coming to India. "Wait for future announcements" is not a marketing setup in 2021. Because obviously you already know if it is coming or not. And if it is, start teasing. And if it is not, just mention it.

    Also, @dipankar paul, how about having Mr. Kochhar for an AMA on the community? ^_^

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    I do not think there's a need for 5G on a tablet right now. 5G is not mainstream yet and given the use-cases of tablets i.e. more of indoor usage, I do not quite see the requirement for 5G connectivity. Even the WiFi-only option will suffice most of the needs.

    Instead of 5G, I'd vote for higher inbuilt storage.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    That was fast! Congratulations on your purchase! So, is it already available for shipping in Sweden; Or is it a pre-order? When do you expect to get it in your hands? :D

    Which case did you take? The one with a flip that can act as a kickstand?

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Great HMD, let's see what's the future of Nokia tablets.

    Anyways good move.

  • Será que vira ao Brasil tbm?

  • Ani007 Ani007
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    I'm impressed the way Nokia is working on thier products, I must say they're making a comeback slowly, the Nokia T20 Tablet, And Nokia XR20 , they can make a solid position in market, I loved the specs of T20 , 2k is Display is like cherry on the cake!! My warm wishes with Nokia Team!😊💙

    Only request is that Do launch these two products India and amaze everyone by it's price like never before! Thanks!💙👍

  • jeffianFM jeffianFM
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    Why UNISOC? Why not Qualcomm?

    Any comments or doubts?

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    Because if they'd gone with Qualcomm it'd made price of tablet go up and it's a good processor for a tablet in that price.

  • loco73 loco73
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    Well, I am definitely interested in this tablet. For the asking price it is boasting a great and solid design with good specs, great battery life and a good sized screen. Clearly intended for day to day use which is exactly what I am interested in. A big plus is that this being a Android OS operating tablet, it will provide me with a seamless and integrated user experience, with my Nokia smartphone and all other Android/Google devices I happen to have. Since I am already part of the Android ecosystem, the T20 would definitely add to that. I must also say that the Android One programme for me has been a definite plus on Nokia devices. Unlike some, I do want a stock Android experience, without useless bloatware made up of memory and power guzzling apps I am not interested in or will ever use. So please, make the Nokia T20 tablet available as widely as possible!

  • Its all right but when Nokia will introduce it India. Nokia will loose on to Realme , TCL if it fails to launch it in India during festive season

  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    Happy to see XR20 in Nokia Mobile India. I'm so excited🤩. Hope to see the price revealed soon. Last month I bought 5.4, after waiting a lot to see the x series in Indian Market.

    Like @singhnsk mentioned, Nokia Mobile India, please provide more teasers before the launch. Hope to see the big T from HMD soon in Indian markets.

  • joe367 joe367
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    Yes, they shouldn't be late to start the sale...please don't wait till all the hype ends

  • Ogar parmar Ogar parmar
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    Finally a tablet from nokia, that's amazing!

    I personally liked the design and build quality looks impressive.

    And finally that's really a good move & hope for a good market as well!

  • NokiaTeam NokiaTeam
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    In Germany your can alredy buy IT. 😁

    My Nokia T20 arrived today

  • How long did it take to proces your order? I orderd mine on the 14th and still no change in status

  • n2652 n2652
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    Interesting. The battery seems good enough. Cool that it has 4G and is not Wi-fi only like many tablets. It could have Snapdragon (instead of Unisonic). Is it Android One? (if that exists in tablets). I hope it comes to Brazil.

  • Mine arrived after 5 days (including 2 days in weekend) but this is due to the fact that DHL was lazy. It was in DHL hands in a little bit less then 20 hours since placing the order. Well done Nokia!

    The tablet is great, still on the initial charge after using it more than I plan to do usually.

    One thing worries me though. On the box it is written "3 years of *monthly* security updates" but the Android security update date shows 5 August 2021. So, Nokia, when do those monthly updates start rolling in?

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Only Widevine L3 support will surely give you crystal clear videos, don't worry 😉

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