How do you handle power/fingerprint-scanner button?

I switched from Nokia Sirocco 8 (fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone) to XR20 with shared power button and fingerprint scanner.

How do you handle power/fingerprint-scanner button?

rozmansi rozmansi
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I switched from Nokia Sirocco 8 (fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone) to XR20 with shared power button and fingerprint scanner.

Now, almost each time I move my phone around the table, to the pocket etc., I accidentially unlock the phone. The button is placed right in the middle of the phone, people usually grab things to pick up (centre of mass). Tried unregistering my index and thumb fingers, but unlocking with fingerprint became a challenge then. Reregistered those fingers and carefully used only the orientation and narrow area of the fingertip usually used to unlock the phone. This made accidential unlocks less frequent a bit.

Another issue with this button is, it oscilates when pressed. When trying to turn off the phone it sends two or more keystrokes by accident resulting in Camera launch. I disabled Camera launch gesture (double power button tap) for the time being. But that is a regression for me.

Also, the red button is really great, but sometimes it gets pressed by accident when I am stuffing my phone in a pocket only to find it later with the flashlight on.

Reinventing how to handle this phone with care. It's ironic that such a sturdy phone has such delicate buttons.

Other than this, I am enyoing it a lot. Everything else works like a charm. My hands and pockets were afraid of the size and weight of it, but I got used to all the benefits huge screen brings. Don't need a tablet anymore. :)



  • dom d dom d
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    I'm still trying to figure it out. Only solution thus far is to remember to pick it up from the very top or the very bottom. Multiple times this weekend alone I reset the phone not even knowing that I was holding the power button down. I just wish the power button wasn't in the middle.

  • Hi,

    I bought a clear silicone case which has holes for the power/fingerprint and emergency keys. In addition I cut a hole for the Google Assistant key too sunce lifted silicone key was very easy to push accidentally. I left the lifted keys for volume control.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    An Interesting solution you go there for the Google Assistant button, @Valentin Chopov. Thanks for sharing :)

  • NoMore Nokias NoMore Nokias
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    I use a silicone sleeve to cover the buttons, making it harder to press them, so you don't activate anything by accident. It also covers the fingerprint scanner enough to eliminate most accidental activations

  • Luke Staunton Luke Staunton
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    I've also disabled the double-press to launch the camera. The power button on the XR20 is very sensitive and the reader seems to register a fingerprint twice, resulting in the phone being locked and immediately unlocked again. I don't have the same issue on the 8.3 with the same integrated fingerprint scanner.

    I'm finding the XR20 generally great but there are some bugs: the phone doesn't always charge and requires a restart, dismissing WhatsApp sometimes causes a graphical reboot, and my device has become unresponsive with a 'System UI is not responding' message, usually after taking a photo.

  • jakubas jakubas

    OK, since we found and noted that there is a problem with power button, is there any real solution?

    The best way it should work would be, when I need to press the power button to wake up the screen, then authenticate with fingerprint.

    Also, situation when I am locking the phone with registered finger, results with immediate unlocking just after. It is also (I suppose) easy to fix – button just needs some delay after screen locking, to act for unlocking.

    Will anybody at HMS take care of this? Or maybe is there any app that workarounds it?

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