got another update

today recieved another update with 76 mb and installed . did anyone recieve

got another update

ratna ratna
today recieved another update with 76 mb and installed . did anyone recieve


  • Me too...But what was it about as security patch is still Aug 2018
  • More updates we are not getting in the UK! Still on July security update

  • Yes even I got the update. Haven't installed it yet. But what's the purpose and changelog?
  • ramz6 ramz6
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    i too dont know image

  • Abhi98 Abhi98
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    I too got the update in India!
  • vibhor vibhor
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    The volume controls while playing media seems to be broken. While playing videos in chrome and whatsapp changing the volume from the hard keys changes call volume by default instead of media volume.
  • Yes i got the update from Chennai ..
  • jcdoc jcdoc
    Same update here in Spain.
  • Looks like a new kernel update
  • vargasjei vargasjei
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    I am facing lag with the Google Keyboard after this update, I am so dissapointed.

  • raj1978 raj1978
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    Nothing is there only security patch of August when will the pie come
  • Security patch of August had already rolled last month. I think this just a kernel update
  • raj1978 raj1978
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    It's still showing 1 August security so when in September will we get pie
  • Maybe pie update is round the corner.
    Camera app on play store is on version 9.0
  • raj1978 raj1978
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    Which camera app u r mentioning
  • Nokia camera
  • Why are people getting September updates, when some people (me) don't have Augusts? Beginning to feel misled and cheated. Nokia blame the networks, but I have a sim free unlocked phone. Also I thought the whole point of android one was to bypass the phone operators

  • Updates do depend on the region from where the device is purchased and carriers.
  • Ok, but what influence does my network have over a sim free, unlocked and unbranded phone?

    I'm no fan of apple, but when we they send out an update everybody gets it regardless of network. 

    Why the difference with android?

  • raj1978 raj1978
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    All the company fooling customer as only iOS is very perfect for its update n why Nokia Samsung is the most worst in update
  • Most of the sim free devices are region specific like iPhones except few android devices. Every country has a set of 4g bands that’s different from other countries. Similarly for 3G/2G bands. For example if a device bands are for USA then it might not work in India. Hence updates may be targeted for those specific countries based devices.
  • Region specific devices are not OS related. It was there since Symbian
  • Ok, so fair enough about different release dates for different countries. But if android one is supposed to come straight from Google, then what has whoever supplies my SIM card got to to do with it?

    I still don't understand how a network can control the software that goes onto my phone which is free SIM and unbranded, and is released by Google. It doesn't need to go through all the usual checks and changes that the networks do, there are only a handful of android one phones, so once Google releases an update surely it's good to go?
  • Guys don't panic, nobody received the September SPs. The update is just pushing out the new Kernel, there is no changes to Security Patches and other things. The Update is still in August SP only. They might be preparing for Pie roll out. The DP program is also most probably closed, can't register new devices and already registered devices have been removed. So, the official Pie roll out is round the corner. I don't know about time taken to give updates but the issue might be because of region specific issues like laws and regulations.

  • Same update here in the Netherlands.
  • HMD have no idea what they are doing with the updates. They keep putting out this spiel that some people are not getting it because of the carriers, regions or even countries. I didnt get the first august update but I did receive the second here in the UK. If the change in the second august update is only kernel based why did the whoever was "blocking" it release the second one and not the first?

    They need to get their systems working properly before releasing new phones every other month!!!!!!

    Good phones, poor customer service.

  • Sorry, I didn't mention that there is only a new kernel update for the ones who are already on August SP. For others, there is the August SP along with other fixes and new Kernel. 

  • Divvykev what network are you on? I'm also in the UK, and still on July update.
  • I'm on Vodafone but I sideloaded the first update. 

    I kept getting the same old excuse from HMD about being on the July update. I had a 6.1 phone and was so fedup with that being stuck in may decided to try the 7 plus because things were working with the updates. But then the "other reasons" started blocking the updates. If you go onto XDA and the 7 plus forum one of the posts there show you where to download the sideload from and how to update it.  

  • Thanks, I am also on Vodafone, I will look later. Is any UK network getting updates? I will swap SIM cards for a while if one is letting through updates
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