Nokia Mobile should offer COMPACT smartphone options

Smartphones have been getting larger and larger every year.

Nokia Mobile should offer COMPACT smartphone options

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Smartphones have been getting larger and larger every year.

On the positive side, they offer larger screens and space for bigger batteries, but on the negative side they end up being impossible to use with one hand, they don't fit in pockets, and they weigh more, which causes strain on the users' hands.

Overall, big phones have become less practical to take around at all times, which is instead an essential characteristic of smartphones, that sets them apart from tablets. Smartphones are taken everywhere, therefore they need to prioritise portability over contrasting aspects such as larger screens. Tablets, PC's and TV's already offer bigger screens for consuming visual content.

The market is also lacking compact options, with only few companies now offering smaller phones, such as Asus and Apple. While every other company competes over the market of phones with big screens, the market share of smaller phones is being shared between the few companies that offer them.

Nokia Mobile has a wide range of smartphone models, though they're all very big, even compared to the competition.

I believe that Nokia Mobile's smartphone line-up, which is already crowded with phones overlapping in their price ranges and specifications, could benefit from a further differentiation between models based on their size. For example in the X series, the X10 and X20 have very slight differences, which is mainly the amount of RAM and storage available. Making the X10 smaller in size would justify the differentiation between the two phones, lower the price of the X10 and give the customer a clearer view of the line-up of phones available. The same thing goes for the G series, where a smaller G10 would set it apart from the G20.

I get that using the same body saves production costs, but seen the amount of phone models Nokia Mobile offers, it's quite unbelievable that no compact option is offered. The *10 series models could be smaller than the *20 series models.


  • I fully agree. I personally need a small smartphone. Something with enough power to use my bank's two factor authentication or shared bike mobile app, but without pretensions to become my main web-browsing or media consumption device.

    My dream setup would be something really small, think iPhone SE 2 or even Unihertz Jelly 2 external dimensions, it might be thicker to accommodate bigger battery. With reasonable SoC (like current Snapdragon 4xx), enough RAM to future-proof it for 3 years (i.e. 4GB in 2021), fingerprint reader and NFC.

    ps1. iPhone, even SE 2 is way to expensive for me.

    ps2. Unihertz Jelly 2 firmware is riddled with Chinese tracking (or maybe spyware), and not guaranteed to receive new Android versions.

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