Nokia 5.4

Guys, Brands that I love, Nokia, Sony, LG have all lost market share in India & I feel bad.

Nokia 5.4

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Brands that I love, Nokia, Sony, LG have all lost market share in India & I feel bad. I bought 5.4 from & its my little contribution to the nokia community & will keep supporting, next I am going to buy is cute Nokia earbuds...

I love Nokia not only cuz of nostalgia n stuff but also cuz of my experience with Nokia 5.1 Plus which I am using for last 3 years. Not in these 3 years, I have felt something like " phones has gone old." neither in design nor in software. And I thank all people working at Nokia for making high quality phones.

Due to my rough usage, the display and glass back panel of 5.1 plus has broken. So, I decided to buy new phone and repair this 5.1 plus for my papa's use. While researching to buy new smartphone & having decided not to go with brands namely oppo, vivo, Samsung, mi & fruit-that-i-cant-afford, I started watching Nokia smartphone's out of the box & hands-on reviews.

I am from India & there are not a lot of Nokia Devices available here, for e.g Nokia XR20, Nokia x10. Only few models are to choose from & Nokia 5.4's price was perfect to my budget.

I found Indian Youtubers & Reviewers bashing 5.4 for its high price compared to its competitors. They completely forget the design & intrinsic details They want more specs that they'd rarely need in daily basis. They need bright displays that'd make their eyes sick. They need saturated, washed out million pixel images. From Hands on Videos & Images of Nokia 5.4, I was able to feel the classic design, the touchscreen, the image quality, that 2 years updates, but these youtubers were all time bashing. Are they paid by competitors to demote Nokia???


  • Tell me honestly if this is a good phone to buy. I heard a lot of complaints about microphone issues after A11 update.

  • The Cheaper Country or Teenager Smartphone market want more specs for the money, honestly Nokia is care about Security and reliability for the User ; Example : a Nokia 1110 user moving to a Nokia C series (Android GO) or for another example : a Nokia 7 Plus user moving to a Nokia X20 or XR20. All the Nokia Android smartphones from the Number (1,2,3, excluding 4 (but they make the Nokia 4.2?) 5,6,7,8,9) and dot series to the letter series ( C, G, X) minimum they have 2 years of Security Updates from Google for Security Updates, Google Play system update.

    From the Website Regards to Nokia 5.4 Update Catalog :

    Nokia 5.4 users will get guaranteed security patch , and software updates until January 2024 (3 Years Ahead).

    According from the release date ( 25th of December 2020) or (Christmas 2020) You should probably get 3-4 years of usage of you're Nokia phone.

    My suggestion for upgrading a phone is don't buy it when you don't need it (except you are a reviewer). Phones don't last forever. If the phone is broken or it's really old then that's time to upgrade you're phone.

    Nokia was not demoted by Competitors but things have changed remember when from Windows 98 to Windows XP was amazing and so does everything change; also remember the Nokia N-Gage (Symbian Series) that changed into Games for Smartphones for example Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the Google Play Store.

    People more use Smartphones for the daily use, but use the feature phone as a secondary phone for calls , SMS (texting) or just have fun playing Snake.

    I'm sorry If I make this comment very long. If have fun reading it then that's great ! ; If not I'm sorry I wasted you're time.

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