Nokia 5.3 freezing

Why is my Nokia 5.3 always freezing?

Nokia 5.3 freezing

Why is my Nokia 5.3 always freezing?

After updating to Android 11, it's keeps freezing, I have to lock and unlock the phone again before I can use it, any resolution tips?

I have actually done the safe mode approach, factory reset and soft reset..?


  • Currently facing Same issue right now

  • Nweke Emmanuel Nweke Emmanuel
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    Same issues 3.4

  • MikeyC MikeyC

    Hi Folks,

    Newbie here, just signed in to say, that I have had the same issues on my Nokia 5.3 and I appear to have resolved it (2 days now - with no issues) by changing the onboard keyboard - The default is Gboard, I downloaded an alternative from the play store and have had no issues since.

    Hope it helps someone

  • Willjoe Willjoe
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    Let's fix Nokia 5.3 freezing issue.

    If you use any kind of Antivirus or Phone cleaner app, then uninstall it.

    You don’t have to use third-party launchers.

    Also do not use any third-party theme for your phone.

    You have to update all the apps on your phone.

    If any kind of Software update has come in the phone, then it has to be updated as well.

    Do not use any third-party applications.

    Always keep the RAM of your phone clean, do not let it go more than 90%.

    Use the application with the lite version. eg. Youtube Go, Facebook Lite, Twitter, ETC.

    If these steps do not fix your phone, then hard reset your phone. I hope you have understood this process.

    Hope this will helpful

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