Android 12 - Known Issues Summary List (V2.200_B01)

dipankar paul
dipankar paul ✭✭✭✭

Hi Android Developer Preview users,

We’re delighted to offer you the second Android 12 release (V2.200_B01) for the Nokia X20.

Please note, developer builds are early Android 12 releases, and as such, they may have issues that make the device unsuitable for use as a daily driver.

Please find selected issues you may experience on V2.200_B01. If you experience any issues not included below, please submit to us through the integrated Customer Feedback app - this is the quickest way for us to review and verify.

  1. Display - White balance and Audio OZO function not supported yet
  2. Performance issue – Camera recording may show some slow response in movie mode
  3. System UI - Battery percentage may intermittently not be displayed or the battery icon may not show full
  4. 'Capture more' mode is not yet supported
  5. Customised ringtone name may be displayed incorrectly
  6. Recent task not working after switching to 3-button navigation

Please be advised Android Developer Preview builds are early OS releases and therefore may show some signs of instability or slow performance. Additionally, selected apps may not yet be supported.


  • Nokia user06
    Nokia user06 ✭✭
    edited October 2021

    sorry but when will android 11 arrive on Nokia 7.2? I understand that 2 Major updates and 3 years of security patches were promised. Where did the support go?

  • Will this solve the downgrade loop issue?

  • Google Pay is not letting me add cards for contactless payments, gives an error saying "Couldn't finish setup to pay in shops. This phone can't be used to pay in shops. This may be because it is rooted or altered in some other way"

    Is this a known issue? I assume certificates are incorrect in some way

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    A very likely reason would be about Safety Net not passing due to it being a beta build, which is not always fully certified.

  • Where is Android 11 for Nokia 9?

  • Till now Nokia 7.2 has not received the update to Android 11. The Nokia brand is not trustworthy.The fourth quarter is on. So if not now then when

  • Cannot even install beta on my Nokia X20. The option is not even available. I am having trouble with the graphics driver in android 11 and was wondering if android 12 would have the same problems. I have a game ( F1 mobile racing) that has severe graphics issues after the september update. I contacted support but thy wrote it off as an issue with the app. But before the update the app was working fine. I tries another game (some sniper game) that had the exact same issues. But still got the same response. They were unwilling to put this through to the developing staff.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Nokia support is essentially useless. They will never accept issues on their device and blame it on the app developers instead.

    And there's not much that we can do if the beta doesn't show. Even in case it does show, I'll recommend that you don't try it out. I've seen some devices bricked while trying to downgrade from beta and then there'd barely any support from Nokia.

  • Is there any remedy for ui error on Nokia G20 running Android 12

  • In short, I have bought a new phone and I have thrown away the nokia 5.3. I will definitely not buy Nokia equipment again. An exaggeration 150 dollars for the repair