App Drawer & Contacts Disappeared.

A few days ago, I linked my Hotmail account to my phone, so I could read my emails whenever I wanted. The set up went fine, no issues at all.

App Drawer & Contacts Disappeared.

Lorelai Dubrovski Lorelai Dubrovski
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A few days ago, I linked my Hotmail account to my phone, so I could read my emails whenever I wanted. The set up went fine, no issues at all.

For some reason, as soon as I finished the set up, I completely lost the ability to access my app drawer. I still can't access it. I can swipe in every other direction and on everything else, except for that. I immediately deleted my Hotmail account and restarted my phone, but nothing helped.

Every time I try to swipe up to access the app drawer, it doesn't work at all. The screen acts like it's going to bring up the app drawer as normal, but at the last second, it never does. Most of the time, nothing happens.

Occasionally, I can get the top line of the app drawer to appear when I swipe up, but it disappears instantly. A blue circle also appears on top of the top line of the app drawer, and disappears as soon as the app drawer does.

This isn't the only issue I had after finishing the Hotmail set up. For some reason, all my contacts completely disappeared as soon as I finished it. I never backed them up, for privacy reasons, so I had to add them all again manually.

Customer support was absolutely useless. All they did for the app drawer issue, was get me to try switching to three button navigation (which does work, but I prefer swiping) and back again (didn't fix anything), and try seeing if the issue was still present in safe mode (which it is).

They asked for screenshots of nothing. They literally asked for a screenshot of the main screen with nothing happening on it. They also asked for a screenshot of the phone in safe mode after I'd already restarted in normal mode, so I had to do that twice for no reason.

They couldn't explain what was happening or why. Not with the app drawer going rogue or with my contacts disappearing after Hotmail being linked. For my contacts, they actually said I might have deleted them accidentally, which I definitely didn't, and that I should have just backed them up. They also said they couldn't explain why they disappeared because that was private information to me. I didn't understand that and said so, but got nowhere with them.

In the end, all they said was to wait for the next system update, because there was nothing they could do. They also couldn't tell me when that next update is coming. One person I communicated with addressed me as sir, even though I have a very feminine name and am clearly not a sir. He also claimed that I was being aggressive when I wasn't and told me off for it. All in all, they just jerked me around and it was very frustrating.

My contacts are fine now that I manually re-added them, but I still can't access the app drawer. Anyone have any ideas?

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