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I have just bought the T20 tablet online 30 mins ago. A huge goal for me as my last Nokia device was a 3650!

Q&A - Have questions about the Nokia T20? Ask us


  • tzvge tzvge
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    I have just bought the T20 tablet online 30 mins ago. A huge goal for me as my last Nokia device was a 3650! I’ve recently become nostalgic after many years in the Apple environment and I thought I would give it a go with this tablet that will replace my old iPad Air (still working after almost 10 years).

    Now I’m afraid I rushed a bit too much as I started reading the forum and became aware of the lack of Widevine L1, as I basically bought this tablet to see Netflix, Prime and HBO when I’m traveling next month.

    I’ve also seen that Netflix offers support for the chipset so the only reason for lacking Widevine L1 right now is Nokia’s laziness, as far as I understood.

    Are you going to offer an update to Widewine L1 soon or should I cancel my order now and start this new “relationship” with Nokia in the worst way?

    These days 80% or 90% of us have had an iPhone or a Samsung and if you want to get back some of your customers after many years you should provide quick answers and quick fixes!

    EDIT: I decided to cancel my order for the time being. I may evaluate again the possibility to order this tablet only if Winevine L1 gets supported. Having a 2K screen where I can only see streaming videos on 480p quality is a really silly move.

  • joe367 joe367
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    Wait till the Android 12 update is released for the tab 🙂 They might sort out the issue. Nokia G21 had Widevine L1 support out of the box, so I am hopeful of T20 getting the same.

  • joe367 joe367
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    I had faced a similar issue with Bluetooth 5.0 devices in G21, disable bluetooth A2DP hardware offload feature in developer options to resolve the issue. Seem to be compatibilty issue with the chipset.

  • TheManOfMuscle TheManOfMuscle
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    Hello, I recently purchased a nokia t20. I'm trying to use the app USB Camera by shenyao china, from playstore, in order to connect a HDMI capture card through the usb-c port, so I can capture game footage from consoles such as playstation 4 and nintendo switch and view it on the tablet's screen. When I try to use the app it gives me the error: -256/No space left on device UVC device error!

    Are there any workarounds as I've tried using other apps such as nExt camera to no avail. They all throw errors. These apps and the capture card work on my smartphone but not my tablet. I would appreciate any help.

  • GG60 GG60
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    Why does my new Nokia t20 keep losing WiFi signal?

  • MarcSS MarcSS
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    Hello folks,

    I am a longtime Nokia customer who switched to the Apple iPhone but started building their devices in China and Nokia started offering high quality mobile phones, returned to Nokia.

    I found some news online that Nokia would have been bought by a Chinese company. Is that true?

    It would be a shame if Chinese Huawei and China would dominate our 5G market in Europe.

    Best, Marcos

  • Dayph Dayph
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    When will T20 receive Android 12 build? Or maybe Android 13? Almost a year after its release and there hasn't been any major firmware update :(

  • yeet plyr yeet plyr

    HELP! I'm having issues with bluetooth where no matter which device I use (I've changed 4 different bluetooth devices), my T20 keeps lagging where sound suddenly stops for a second, then replays, then stops after 10-20 seconds.

    This is incredibly frustrating and makes me wonder if this device even has bluetooth 5.0. I've only been using this tablet for reading and I want to start watching series despite the annoying 480p resolution, has anyone else experience this bluetooth issue?

  • fandy fandy
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    Hello, unfortunately it is a known and very annoying problem, reading around it seems to be a problem of android 11 with some devices but I find it strange that google has not yet released a patch to solve this big problem that makes the tablet with bluetooth practically unusable. I have 2 speakers and a bluetooth headset that I cannot use with the NokyaT20, I was also disappointed by Nokia for not having taken the situation in hand.


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