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  • I suggest you to return this junk and get refund if there is any chance. Nokia service is worst. My T20 is completely useless now. Do no regret later like I am regretting now.

  • Hey friends,

    I'm glad to see Nokia making a market comeback after so many years. I've been a big user of Nokia since my childhood. I still remember my first phone, the Nokia 1208, and the legendary games Snack, Bounce, and Space Impact.

    While searching for tablets, I heard about the Nokia T20. Somebody has suggested these tablets: https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/tablets/ but I really want to have a Nokia phone again.

    Is there anyone who has used the Nokia T20? If so, please provide detailed specifications.

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't recommend you go with T20 since T21 is already out. Go for T20 only if T21 is not yet available or if you don't plan on using the tablet for streaming movies or shows. T20 doesn't support HD streaming in such platforms, but most other tablets in this price range does. But if you are planning on using it only for browsing, YouTube, reading, social media etc then T20 is still good option.

  • Can you please help to get rid of screen black out at minimum brightness setting? Not able to do anything with the tablet.

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    What do you mean by blackout? Is the screen turning off in minimum brightness setting?

    Check if 'extra dim' option is OFF 🤔

  • I bought the T20 about 2 years ago, used it only 3 times, and left lying around for more than 6 months. Now I picked it up and used it after putting it on charge for half a day. The tablet is on by showing the light is very weak and only a black screen. Have tried to hard turn it on by pressing volume+ and power at the same time but I have had no success. Please help. Thank you.

  • So any updates with broken sounds in android 12? It is months after android 12 upgrade and still no fixes for sound.

    1. After few minutes of idle all apps are going mute and then we need to restart tablet
    2. Whatsapp call is set to maximum volume by default and we can't change it. We put the bar down (click buttons) and nothing is happening. This is so annoying, because people are talking very loudly and mic is getting high noises. Person we are talking to hear these noises.
    3. Is there any person that I can contact? I'm writing here and on reddit and there is no answer.
  • Dear Nokia Team,

    This is the first TAB I am using that didn't support sms or voice call. Actually most do including my TecnoP904. It's so disappointing to buy my anticipated Nokia T20 just to find out a day later that SIM support for calls and SMS was not part of the design. Am highly disappointed, as a big Nokia fan. Please, bring an update to fix that omission. We should be able to make standard calls and send standard SMS through our SIM using Nokia T20 .

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Unfortunately, such support cannot be added by a software update alone. It requires hardware support as well as Type approvals from the relevant authorities. It will not be done after the launch of the product.

  • FoxVol
    FoxVol ✭✭

    Why we can't see system icon animations when we open apps by Fullscreen gestures? It just teleported to Fullscreen with no beautiful splash screen animation. I'm really missing those splash animations in Google apps. When we close — animation shows. That's boring 😔

  • I have Nokia T20 tablet.

    I need to transfer data from this tablet to my laptop with Windows 10

    I tried to download and install Nokia usb driver v1.4, on the laptop

    The Icon of Nokia tablet appear in win Explorer as an empty folder without any data

    Also I have installed Nokia PC Suit, on the laptop

    but when I try to use it and make a connection, the laptop could NOT feel the

    usb-connection cable between tablet and laptop.

    I am looking for any help from you, to solve this problem

    Thank you

  • stevmoo
    stevmoo ✭✭

    Have you heard of usb go? https://www.analog.com/en/technical-articles/usb-onthego-otg-uses-and-support.html#:~:text=USB%20On%2Dthe%2DGo%20(,host%20talks%20to%20USB%20peripherals.

    It is A USB dongle that allows access to directory. You have to purchase the USB cable that is identified as usb-go.

  • makjim
    makjim ✭✭

    When will the Asia Region (Hong Kong) receive the Android 13 upgrade for the Nokia T20?

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    Nokia PC Suite won't work on new Nokia Android devices. It was meant for old Nokia devices, no longer in use.

    After connecting to PC using USB cable, you need to change pull down notification shade and change connection preference from 'charging' to 'file transfer', only then you'll be able to tranfer any files between pc and tab

  • Please I need help with where I can get the supply and/or repair of my Nokia T20 touchscreen. It is broken completely and I have not been able to get a replacement for it in the local stores and repair shops. I am from Nigeria.