Unable to update to latest security updates

Hi, I own the Nokia XR20 and I've been trying to update my security settings to the latest version.

Unable to update to latest security updates

Brendan Cheung Brendan Cheung
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I own the Nokia XR20 and I've been trying to update my security settings to the latest version. However, everytime I check for it (both over wifi and mobile data), it says that my update is the latest (see attached photo).

But according to Nokia's site, security updates are up to September now but I am still stuck on July's one. Not sure whether region plays a factor in updates being delivered but I live in Australia.


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, some user here reported that he was able to get the updates After removing the SIM card. So, you can give that a try.

    Remove the SIM, restart the phone and then try checking for updates.

  • Not only xr20 even nokia8.35g stuck in August play system

  • ritzar ritzar
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    Updates depend on operator and country specifics.

    Try to insert a SIM from another operator and check again.

    Otherwise, take off the SIM card and perform device reset. don't put the SIM and check for updates via WiFI. This is because even if you take the SIM card off, the device remembers the SIM and operator's settings.

  • Just got the October update. England, UK.

  • aoajm01 aoajm01
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    Nokia X20 here. I did receive updates until a few months ago, but even at the time I was able to receive updates, I was unable to conduct. Whenever I tried to update, it just keeps pausing. Recently I’m even unable to see the updates pushing to my phone, even the updates I have seen. I got my phone in October and I was able to update to the October security update when I just got the phone. The August and September was able to receive but unable to use.

    Now, whenever I check for update, it says my system is up to date, even the Android security update is still at 5 July 2021.

  • EtienneL EtienneL
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    Just received the Google December 2021 security update for the Nokia XR20. No problem.

    France with FreeMobile network

  • jdub jdub
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    TLDR - the fix for me was to Factory Reset my phone..... 3 days after i purchased it.... I really really REALLY hope that i do not have to factory reset my phone for every update!!... If so im returning this and getting a Pixel 6....

    Full Explanation for the nerds:

    Hey so I recently ran into this issue myself. I just got the phone from Amazon and after getting it all setup (original setup was without the SIM in over WiFi only) was only able to get the November update ('00WW_1_240'). Before calling found this thread and tried checking for updates on Wifi only (didn't work) on cellular only (didn't work) and with both enabled (didn't work). I also rebooted the device that didn't work either. I called Nokia Support and ended up with a manager. After catching the manager up on the whole situation they confirmed that i should have the '00WW_1_240_SP01' update. The two suggestion were check for updates in Safe Mode (didn't work) and factory reset the phone (worked). The suggestion from the Manager to go in safe mode made me think that maybe a google play store app that got installed during the setup process was preventing the update. So, that made me do the following when factory resetting and i got the update.

    I suggest these steps to new Nokia XR20 users. Hopefully its helpful .

    1. Grab your IMEI number on the box (i think that IMEI 1 is the non-sdcard slot and IMEI 2 is the slot for sim/sd card)
    2. Call your carrier and associate IMEI with your them
    3. plug in sim card (make sure you put it in the slot you gave your carrier)
    4. start phone for first time
    5. Go thru setup process and make sure you choose the option that says something similar to 'perform setup over cellular' (i skipped wifi setup this time/ did not setup wifi at all this run)
    6. added a google account and completed the 'setup'
    7. (Then before installing any apps that i wanted i did this - this step may be overkill but i wanted the damn update) Opened the Play Store and updated the following apps: 'Android System WebView', 'Carrier Services', 'Google', 'Phone', 'Clock', 'Google Chrome'. I waited til they were all done.
    8. Went to system settings and checked for the update and it updated successfully. Now I'm on '00WW_1_240_SP01'

    Kind Regards,


  • jdub jdub

    correction: '3 days after i purchased it' should say '2 days after it arrived'

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