Nokia 9 updated today, 7.2 soon too

Yup. I get the feeling we might get October security patch real soon, just like Nokia 9 got.

Fingers crossed!


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  • Woosh.gif

    I figured this forum needed to lighten up seeing many frustrated people waiting for A11 rollout that's long overdue.

    I am too waiting for the major update. But I don't hold my breath anymore. I don't expect 7.2 gets the update this month or the next honestly. I'm disappointed. Making fun of the situation is all I can do at this point.

  • I think you are overestimating my my deeds here, I'm flattered, i guess? But I'm just a dude who wrote a joke that's been vieved a hundred times, half of which probably by you and me. Nobody reads this forum. Not even hmd.

    Hmd spread the hopes of A11 by Q3 to millions of people.

    I see your commitment to the cause, your activity on the forum. I used to be active a lot too, with the same cause. I realized though, it doesn't matter. My words have no power. It's not to you or me. Not even up to hmd it seems. We're all wasting our time here. A11 will come when it's ready. Sadly.

  • Android One turned out to be a meme. If we only knew, many wouldn't pick Nokia phones. But again, that's just words that won't change anything. The forum is filled with frustration, rather than community and the reason is One.