Android 12

Android 12 will updating in nokia g20 in future??

Android 12

Android 12 will updating in nokia g20 in future??



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    Yes, it will be updated to the Android 12 releases. However, there's no announcement about the timelines. We'll have to wait for further news and updates from the company.

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    The G20 will get Android 12 sometime after Android 12.1 is released. Android 12.1 is realistically what Android 12 was meant to be, but some features for folding devices, and other non - related stuff, wasn't ready. The time until Android 13 was too long so Google are releasing it as 12.1 with an API bump and coincides with the release of their foldable Pixel Phone. Android 12.1 is perfectly fine for normal phones as well, but I doubt we'll see it.

    Considering many devices are only getting Android 11 this week, over a year after it's release, don't hold your breath. The SD 480 devices are likely to be first, and being the G20 is the only phone using the Mediatek G35 (they should have used a G70 at least), it may be a while.

    My best guess going by their current slowness would be sometime between the release of Android 12.1 and 13, unless they improve how they roll out updates.

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    With due respect, i would like to share that the user interface that i am currenty working with in my new nokia g20 is not up to the mark. But there are some features, some useful features which the ui of other brands offer like samsung, xiomi. Say for example the time stamp that appears automatically on the photos clicked by tge phones camera which can ve tirned on in the setting. The dual apps facility, shortcut to access apps by sliding the screen from right to left as they do in samsung. Nokia is one of the brand tha i love and this is the reason why i brought a nokia phone. Their toughness, durability impresses me but the user interface is jot up to the mark. Another thing i would like to address is that the screen touch response of my nokia g 20 is not good. It is difficult to type messages because sometimes it does not respond properly this is something that nokia should work on and sometimes the phone starts lagging while using multiple apps. I request nokia to improve their ui.

  • This Mr android 12.1 is making me laff

    Has Nokia fail in sending security patches on Nokia G20??

    Go sit somewhere else and be expecting November security patches update

    Yu can come and beat me at home o

  • Nokia are part of the Android One programme, so what you see is pretty much what Android is. Other manufacturers make their own changes to the code, the features you refer to are part of their changes. I would suggest trying Microsoft Launcher (100 percent free, no ads). It's customisable in look and layout and can be made to look very nice. It's also very fast and doesn't affect the performance of the phone. I did my own comparison on this.

    As for performance, that's why I did some investigating. Unfortunately I believe it's the limitations of the Mediatek G35 processor. A G80 released at the same time would have been a better fit and worth a few dollars more on the list price. The G35 is only Cortex A53 based. The G80 has two Cortex A76, and 6 Cortex ****. The G80 also supports a 48 MP single camera natively, the G35 only supports a 25 MP single camera. The phone has a 48 MP camera through engineering workarounds, which is stupid as it means they have to support it in each update etc, not to mention the extra cost which could have covered using the G80 to begin with. Look it up on the Mediatek website if you don't believe me on the camera support of the G35.

    I agree, there are some times when typing lags. It is usually because a website has something on it that the phone struggles to handle, but a typical phone wouldn't because they aren't underpowered.

    A Mediatek Dimensity 920 and 1100 would be great in devices soon to be released.

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