Setting Up Email Without Using GMail?

I'm trying to figure out how to set up an email account on my phone - you know a proper email that I'm paying for through my website - and all I can find are tutorials on how to do this through GMail or there's a "Nokia Email App"...

Setting Up Email Without Using GMail?

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I'm trying to figure out how to set up an email account on my phone - you know a proper email that I'm paying for through my website - and all I can find are tutorials on how to do this through GMail or there's a "Nokia Email App"... somewhere?

Where is the standard app on my Nokia 8.3 5G for adding email - or is that GMail?

I don't want to enter my password into google - even though I know it's an Android phone.

What is the best app to download/use for this? Can I set this up through the basic Messages app I use for texting?


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    Hi, Gmail is the standard app for Nokia phones. And Nokia relies too much on Google, leading to offering no additional/own apps.

    So, if you don't want to use Gmail app for accessing your emails via IMAP, then you can use:

    1. Microsoft Outlook (it has support to add external POP/IMAP accounts).
    2. Blue Mail app - it is a free email client that you can connect to your email service to get your mails.

    There are also other email apps on Play Store, but these are the ones that I personally use. If you don't login to Play Store, then you'll likely need to install the apk file from ApkMirror or similar sites.

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    Weird. I would have thought a standard Email Client would have been a standard feature? GMail is for... GMail!

    I'm setting up my own email so I no longer have to rely on GMail, only to find I have to rely on GMail.

    I don't trust GMail anymore - keep finding old threads going missing - old threads I kept there so I could maybe retrieve information and I don't know why they are no longer there, maybe something to do with people having their information removed from Google which is being extended to personal emails sent to people with GMail accounts.

    Just want a reliable third party app that I can trust not to be a security risk.

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    Ugh Blue Mail is horrible. It's basically just a browser because it didn't ask me for any server addresses - and where is it saving files to? It came up with a location one time - but I didn't have time to read it - and where is the option to set where it saves files in the Settings??

    Oh it's saved them to Internal Storage ? Downloads. Why did it tell me it was saving files to my SD card then!!

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    Hi @stu9000

    I know, it is quite a mess in the Android One world. They are fully relying on Google services and because Gmail supports adding external accounts, hmd most likely decided to eliminate including a dedicated mail client that is not sponsored by Google.

    Even I do not use Gmail. My Google account on the phone is also made on a Yahoo Mail address. My primary email is with Microsoft ( and my secondary email (using my domain) is hosted by myself via Zoho's CRM suite. Their free plan is pretty decent and so is their app for Android. So, in case you'd ever want to move your own personal hosted email, I will strongly recommend trying out At least I love them.

    Regarding BlueMail, when you enter your details, it automatically tries to connect to your domain's server in order to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. So, if your domain's mail server is configured properly, BlueMail will be able to automatically find the IMAP/POP server address (it tries to hit; which works most of the times) or if your domain's DNS records have an auto-discover record, it can be used to find out that incoming and outgoing mail server that Blue Mail will use. In case it fails to auto-discover the server details, then it will ask you to enter the details manually. So, no, it is not just a browser. It fully relies on IMAP/POP - like every other email client :')

    The default downloads path is your Downloads folder in your internal storage. Natively, the way Android enumerates the storage is it calls your internal storage as sdcard0. And for external sdcard, it uses sdcard1. For example, if I am using adb to pull files from the Downloads folder in internal storage, my pull goes like adb pull /sdcard/Downloads/file.extension

    So, that's why BlueMail says that the downloaded file is saved to sdcard - it is just your internal storage. It does show the full path alongside it to let you know where it goes (/storage/emulated/0/Downloads/file.extension). /sdcard/ is a commonly used symlink for /storage/emulated/0/. None of your fault though. It will confuse anyone who does not know about this. I hope it clears things a bit. You can set your default downloads folder in the settings of BlueMail app, although I am not sure if it can choose an external sdcard for saving files.

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    I use the Outlook app on my 8.3 for my various email accounts without any issues. I mainly have them set up as IMAP on the phone, so it syncs across my devices.

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    I like Android One better than the version I was using on my previous phone - the utterly useless Sony Xperia L2 (shortest ever timespan of ownership of a smart phone in my life - so far)

    It's a real headache keeping up with technology - I hope I can still find my way around when I'm a coffin dodger

    Cheers for the help. I'll see how it goes with Blue Mail and then maybe just use Outlook. Everyone I know is probably still going to keep sending my emails to my GMail anyway

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    Stu...put your gmail account on outlook....put your Yahoo on outlook....put all your email addresses on can check them all on outlook and you never have to open gmail app again....

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