Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Disgusting and disgraceful.......... Bankruptcy is the right punishment for them ..............I mean ......Karma.........

  • Hey Nokia , 😭😭😭

    Android 13 will come soon

    Actually ,we want to know the reasons ???

  • Still no fix for the charging issue after Android 11 update on Nokia 7.2

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    HMD Global seems to be on really looooong holiday leave.

    Nokia, as company can't do that much as they "sold" the brand name to HMD Global.

  • Hey 👋 everyone here

    Pls chat with nokia and make a complain about our problem with update and give us their answers

  • Believe me, I'm just that far from making the ultimate comment for Nokia, that will certainly ban me for life! 😡😎😁

  • I'm from Somalia and I didn't get the #android11

  • Of course, I will sit tight for another declaration. You HMD individuals are talkative at any rate.

  • I sense a repeat of 9 PV scenario.........

  • As someone who has purchased 7.2 pretty much at launch, more than 2 years ago and with A11 upgrade still nowhere to be seen in my country, I am very unhappy with the way Nokia handles this. AndroidOne is supposed to allow faster releases of the OS update, but this was definitely not the case here. This wasn't a top of the line smartphone two years ago and at current day and age, 2 years is pretty much the effective lifespan of most smartphones. And looking at other threads, the current A11 release isn't stable enough. It's just too late and not good enough, Nokia. I switched to another vendor and the way roadmap look and other things I handled I doubt I will come back.

  • Tell us if there is a problem with the release of Android 11 or not

    Should we wait or not?

    Does anyone from Nokia answer?