Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Vasilis Kos.
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    I think more and more posts like that should appear! Maybe that way they WAKE UP!!!🤬😎

  • It's not even worth it . This update to 11 . We are colse to android 13 .at least Hdm can do. Escep 11 and go for Android 12 update . Other wise we should do it in YouTube they have link for upgrade to anriod 12 .

  • Mufc99
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    Nokia So when are you going to release the new update?

    At least like Nokia 9, announce that there is no update.

  • emad yakout
    emad yakout ✭✭

    Nokia are you there ,

    Please 🙏 wake up

    Android 13 will come soon

    I know many people already make case against nokia

    Finland, Australia and USA

    They will earn a lot of money 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zimmermann
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    If anything, they will waste a lot of money, I doubt there are any grounds to make a legal case just yet. But Nokia (or HMD) might loose opportunities because of poor reputation based on lack of communication and opaque ways of doing whatever they're doing (or rather not doing). They are not capable of any dialogue with their complaining customers and I guess it is similar with their business partners. I mean they must be completely unreliable for others as well.

    Screw them, I don't think I care anymore if they release update they promised or not, it doesn't really change much. I feel arrogantly ignored as their customer and Android 11 won't make up for it.

  • Jogeli
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    That the gods know 🤬🤬🤬

  • matthewkuhl
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  • Zimmermann
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    We are all used to Nokia standards so October is actually "very soon" 😬

  • I Wonder why Android 11 is still not released for Nokia7.2.

  • emad yakout
    emad yakout ✭✭

    Ok , try to upgrade nokia 7.2 to android 12 or 13

    Or tell us this will not happy

  • indefinition
    indefinition ✭✭

    He said that the roll out of Android 11 was not as expected because they were not included in Android 11 program?

  • navyseals
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    How to trigger the Android 11 update if my Nokia 7.2 it have been 2 months since the release in last year. But the update still hasn't yet triggered the Android 11 update.

  • Zimmermann
    Zimmermann ✭✭✭

    I have a new slogan for Nokia Mobile advertising: #FuckIt

  • Yojan
    Yojan ✭✭

    I'm still waiting for the Android 11 upgrade on my Nokia 7.2 in Puerto Rico, USA... :-/

  • Jogeli
    Jogeli ✭✭

    You can wait a long time.................

    Just ask


  • Zimmermann
    Zimmermann ✭✭✭

    I don't know who the **** is this guy, seems like he's supposed to be admin of this thread. But he never answered any question nor replied any direct message.

  • fernando7585
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    Estoy depcionado de HMD global ,mi Nokia 7.2 no se actualiza a android 11 nos vamos para febrero y nada y ni si quiera contestan

  • Jogeli
    Jogeli ✭✭

    This one doesn't interest anyone at Nokia. They don't read comments. Otherwise you would write something about it long ago


  • emad yakout
    emad yakout ✭✭

    Hey Nokia we wait android 11 for Nokia 7.2 🤣🤣🤣

  • emad yakout
    emad yakout ✭✭

    Hey Nokia we wait security update for Nokia 7.2

    Last one from October 2021


  • hamiiiiiiiid
    hamiiiiiiiid ✭✭

    None of the Nokia officials read this topic and they do not care about our problems and requests for Android 11, otherwise they would have shown a reaction after all this posts!

    Do not waste your time here, no one is responsible. Nokia died after being sold to HMDGlobal.

  • In the Netherlands I just received the December 2021 security update for my Nokia 7.2. still on Android 10, at least a minor update is rolling out.

  • Zimmermann
    Zimmermann ✭✭✭

    Yes I got it also in Sweden, december security patch for Nokia 7.2. Finally something.