Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Thanks Nokia ! Camera is fixed!

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    Updated to V3.690. No issues so far.

    If lag: try swapping launcher, Nova works great but that's matter of taste.

  • The new update has not been published in Iran yet!

    Remains the same as the previous update without a selfie camera!

  • Four months behind on security...

  • Yaloo
    Yaloo ✭✭

    The new update has not been published in Egypt yet ,also no mention to new update in Nokia security update site

  • A11 seems to be working ok now, no trouble found so far, and it feels a bit snappier and smoother than A10.

  • Bugs are fixed but some applications are still incompatible. Google Play services for AR still not working and Google walpapers app is still not updating. Motorola is batter then Nokia in the pure Android software.

  • yamahammer
    yamahammer ✭✭
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    When you go into settings and tap display and then wallpaper what do you see?

    The reason why I bring that up is that when they updated to Android 12 on the X20 there was an issue with wallpapers. If you long press on the home screen and then tap wallpaper it shows that the wallpaper app is not installed. However if you go into settings the wallpaper settings are there. Just wondering if there is a connection.

    In the meantime this will be fixed in the next SP for the X20.

  • Mikołaj Wróbel
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    In Poland:

    Still no A11

    Secruity update - 1 December 2021

    Google Play system update - 1 March 2022

  • No update in Ireland either :(

  • As long as not all countries have received A11, there is hope that somewhen we'll receive a stable, bugfree version.

  • Please release the bug-free version of Android 11 faster.

    The rest of the companies are preparing for the release of Android 13 and we have not seen the completed version of Android 11 yet! 😐

  • since my last comment i notice that the wallpaper have a little flicker like bright - dark - bright - dark - bright - dark and just happend in homescreen 🤣

    i thought my screen broken but wait ... the rest, even lockscreen still fine :-?

    is it another new bug??? - Flashing wallpaper 🤣

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭


    People keeps talking about "bug free" OS as it was a real thing.

    So far (30+ years within IT) I have never (I really mean never) seen a "bug free" OS and barely any bigger systems neither. That's why there are and probably always be something called "maintenance releases"

    Maybe, just maybe, in future there will be automated AI tested systems that are closer to "bug free" than You ever can manually perform.

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  • Wallpaper app is installed and running but it's still running an older version. In the Google Play Store, update option is displaying but when we trying to update, it's showing an error as i mentioned in screenshot.


    With "bug free" I tried to describe a version, which is not showing it's problems to the customer. There are always points to improve or little errors which can or should be fixed, but the user will not even notice that they're existing.

    So for me, bug free on A11 for 7.2 means "with the function of NFC and no draining battery". Even if this description is technical not correct.

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  • Yaloo
    Yaloo ✭✭


  • please release new build (3.690) globally soon

    please hmd

    i,m from iran

    please release in iran and world

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    @Yaloo / @mamaloo / All others

    You can upgrade to latest available A11 release using VPN tunnel (Swe/Fin worked flawlessly for me at least).

  • yamahammer
    yamahammer ✭✭
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    The relationship between Nokia and Microsoft ended in 2017.

  • I have not been able to do this with any of the IP change software

    What software do you recommend?

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    The VPN client shouldn't matter AFAIK. I've been using NordVPN for 5+ years (paid Premium account).

    For me it took 2+ hrs before I got the notification (via Swe).

    Just be sure Your phone really gets the IP from correct country, even try restarting with active VPN service.

  • V3.690 update landed in Ireland finally!

  • youaremylasthope
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    I activated a VPN tunnel to Finland this morning and let the phone search for new updates. After about 3 hours, I finally could update to the latest 00WW_3_690 Build!

    • front camera is working again!
    • rear cameras are not switched anymore
    • the terrible lag when switching between apps is gone. It's not super fast but usable again

    I will keep testing whether bluetooth and cell connection are working better as well.

    errors that still persist:

    • there are still 3 SD-Cards registered to the system, two of which are obviously wrong.
  • And finally bug-free Android 11 received to Iran.

    So far so good. Camera working fine and this is best improvement 👍

    After all the adventures and problems in these last six or seven months! Finally, we can experience this beautiful phone with Android 11 without any hassle! And after all this, we should say thank you 😊

    Although it seems very far from expectation and dream, but maybe we can continue this adventure with Android 12! I hope we hear this good news 😉

  • I was literally on the point of ordering a new Samsung and decided to make one last check and to my surprise found a pending update.

    My Nokia 7.2 in the UK is now blessed with Android 11 and security update 1-Feb-22. It appears that everything works and the phone seems generally more responsive than it has been in the last few months on Android 10.

    I will keep the phone until the security updates stop which I expect to be around Sep-22 but after this experience it is unlikely to be a new Nokia.

    I chose the Nokia 7.2 specifically because, being Android One, it promised timely updates and it has completely failed to deliver what I bought.