Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • mamaloo
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    This update has finally arrived in Iran. Thank you Nokia, I wish you had done this soonerπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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    Egypt 🌹

  • gigaplex
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    My 7.2 updated to Android 11 the other day. It broke audio (both mic and speaker) during calls, and broke the proximity sensor yet again. Surely after breaking and fixing it in a previous round of security updates, they'd include regression tests for that on a release?! A factory reset fixed the audio issue, but the proximity sensor still won't work. I contacted Nokia support, and they told me it's a hardware fault and needs to be sent in for a few weeks.

  • LukasA
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    The upgrade to Android 11 has arrived finally but it broke the incoming and outgoing audio during the calls. I can't hear anyone and they can't hear me. Does anyone happen to know some workaround or do I need to try a hard reset.πŸ™„

  • yamahammer
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    To everyone, when reporting issues with updates and OS upgrades it could be of assistance by providing which variant of the 7.2 you are using along with amount of RAM (4 or 6GB) as well where you are located.

    Nokia 7.2 TA-1178, TA-1181, TA-1193, TA-1196

  • warre1
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    April security patch arrived today.

  • Jim-Boy
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    Yes, a tiny (~6,69MB) security patch arrived today.

  • warre1
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    By the way just run Snoopsnitch from Play Store and it said that my Nokia 7.2 is missing patch for CVE-2021-0473 from May 2021.

  • GK-Ingram
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    I found that doing a complete reboot has brought back the selfie camera (though the wide is still broken). I wiped the phone to sell it on to a friend & when I set it up from scratch for her & after the system updates downloaded, the selfie camera was back. (Given the lack of response / help from Nokia about this issue, I have jumped ship & can (so far) recommend the Fair Phone 4.)

  • yamahammer
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    TA-1178 6GB


    Confirming April security patch received in Canada.

  • yamahammer
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    We'll look at that, my 7.2 now has a newer security patch than my X20!

    Ok, it's taken a while but they obviously were working on the issues while posters here cried the end of the world.

  • That's a good News, Previously tried downloading a game from Carrom Pool website but didn't work on my phone. I will try again.

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    Today France πŸ˜ƒ

  • Mluostar
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    Well... I have now used the latest A11 update for 3 week with no problems, that I have noticed. Everything seems to work fine and today I installed the security patch 1. April. Hopefully. Phone is Nokia 7.2 model TA-1196 and program version 00WW_3_690_SP01

  • Rajesh Hegde
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    Good news

  • In fact, none of my issues was fixed with the update. And they were not able to fix it during "repair". Well, my warranty expired in March, so I'll close the chapter Nokia in the next days, when my A53 will arrive.

    My heart bumped as I received 3_690 and also when the last securitypatch came in. But honestly, there is no issue of any hardware, I can't fix it by factory reset...and they couldn't care less. After nearly 3 months of having trouble and getting empty promises, why should I keep complaining then? All I can do is to share my experience, advise against this brand and enjoy my new phone.

    All customers with no problems - be happy, enjoy this (beside of MY problems) great device.

  • SLINK2750
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    TA-1178 4G Ram sold in chile LATAM still waiting.

  • yamahammer
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    That is definitely not right. Did you try removing the SIM card and they try to update with only WiFi connected? Try do that a few times, maybe it is your carrier that is blocking the update??

  • Zimmermann
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    What are you talking about... There's no way that HMD will provide one more system update to this device. What do you expect anyway? Android 12 in 2024 or later? With so many bugs that you could as well just switch of the phone and never use it again? It's really better they don't give us surprises anymore.

  • Sergey Nokia
    Sergey Nokia ✭✭

    1. Silent ringtone:

    Phone App -> Settings -> Calling accounts -> Ascending Volume for Incoming Calls -> Disable

    2. Silent mic and speaker during calls:

    Google Play Store -> Clear Cache

    Restart Phone

  • Zimmermann
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    You have really mastered irrelevant replies, I got to give you that. Bye bye yourself, didn't you write few months ago "Thanks. You won't be hearing from me again. Bye guys."? 😁

  • I had 'ascending ring tone' enabled before the system upgrade to Android 11 was applied. That feature is not available on Android 11 and it stops all ringtones - when a call is received, the ringtone volume slider can be seen moving right but the ringtone volume remains at zero. I need to be able to turn off 'ascending ringtone' but their is no such option in settings.

    The control of the 'Ascending Ringtone' setting has been removed but the setting has not been defaulted/reset to a value that is valid for Android 11.

    I know some OnePlus users are also having the issue, so it seems to be an Android rather than a Nokia issue.

    Is there any way to reset just the Phone app settings? The setting would have been on the Calling Accounts->SIP Settings

  • Lewk
    Lewk ✭✭

    I too had the audio issue after the latest update where phone calls I received or made didn't have audio or microphone and the other person couldn't hear me.

    I tried the suggestion of deleting the Cache under storage settings of the Google Play Services app in settings. Then rebooting my phone. It didn't work on the first attempt.

    But I tried deleting the cache of the Google Play Services app again the next day (Today), and it worked. I tried the suggestion of a soft-reboot where you hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time to reboot the phone after deleting the cache (maybe that was the difference). I now have audio and microphone in phone calls again.

  • Zimmermann
    Zimmermann ✭✭✭

    I also had issue with microphone during calls over phone or any app (messenger, whatsapp etc) after latest A11 update.

    Someone from support suggested to clean cache and data for each of those apps and then soft reboot. It worked and I haven't had this problem since.

    I also had problems with 5Ghz WiFi constantly dropping connection, I did reset for WiFi and cellular in the settings and soft reboot, and it fixed that also.

  • a252
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    edited May 2022

    Looks like it was a charging cable wire problem, at least it can charge at reasonable speed with a new cable

  • Salim Nassor
    Salim Nassor ✭✭

    I'm in Tanzania, and I already have android 11 from 10 since a week ago πŸ˜…

  • Adam Fok
    Adam Fok ✭✭

    After update to android 11 the ozo audio is broken just like the audroid 10 upgrade 2 years ago. But this time the problem cannot be fixed by disabling the microphone permission of Google. Any other users have this issue?

  • Zimmermann
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    edited May 2022

    Works fine for me on Android 11, as soon as I start video recording it shows OZO audio is enabled. But to be honest, OZO audio on Nokia 7.2 seems to be a gimmick. Sound, although a bit more spacious than normally, has a lot of noise and its quality is generally atrocious. So apart from having notification about OZO enabled I'd say you don't miss much.

    Try deleting cache and data from camera app, i had to do this countless times for many apps and services after updating to A11.

  • Prunesquallor
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    edited May 2022

    2. Silent mic and speaker during calls:

    Google Play Store -> Clear Cache

    Restart Phone

    • - Worked for me first time, thanks for the tip @Sergey Nokia