Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • I read through all latest post and is still confused. Did they fix front camera or not?

  • Eupyth Kurt
    Eupyth Kurt ✭✭✭

    I have not faced this issue up to now but you can try some method such as clearing cache of gg play store and camera app, many have tried and sometimes the method solved this problem.

    Hope it fix yours, too.

  • Installed Android 11 about 6 weeks ago and in general it is OK, but seeing frequent messages "<app> is not responding ..." did not get these before A11.

    Perhaps A11 doesn't run very well with just 4GB.

    TA-1196 4GB

  • Eupyth Kurt
    Eupyth Kurt ✭✭✭

    Agree, sometime it too smooth but sometime stuck without any reason. I notice that app update in playstore can cause this problem when playing games with wifi. The thing don't happent when playing with cellular network.

    TA-1196 4GB

  • Periodically this seems to reoccur, very tedious, particularly if you forget how to fix it.

    Silent phone calls on Nokia 7.2 after Android 11 update fix.

    Press and hold Play Store icon > click on i (information) > Storage and cache Clear Cache and then restart phone

  • With my Nokia 7.2 TA1178 I have had charging issues, issues turning the phone on, issues with it turning off randomly, issues with keyboard responsiveness and responsiveness in general.

    Just making an additional post for stats purposes.

  • XCmen
    XCmen ✭✭

    Hello ; I am using Nokia 7.2 and I have recently upgraded my Android version to Android 11 and I am very sorry for several reasons: the two-button navigation bar has been removed, it is very annoying that it has been removed, the notification bar has undergone ugly changes such as Too much space between notifications, etc. I request Nokia to fix these things for future updates or fix them for Android 12 (especially adding a two-button navigation bar).

    Thank you .

  • Please let we unlock bootloader of this phone.

    I love this phone and I like to try another custom roms but I can't unlock bootloader!