Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Unfortunately you can't. I've tried doing it. You can only do it from the service center, and they are unlikely to do that.

  • After 2-3 days of using android 11 update on my nokia 7.2. Here are some pretty annoying bugs/features:

    1. Extreme lag in recent menu. You can't even switch to just one previous app.
    2. Wi-Fi just disconnects 5 to 6 times within one hour of usage. Some times it doesn't even connect back.
    3. VoLTE and VoWiFi stop working any random time.

    I just am so frustrated and helpless. This is my last purchase of Nokia.

  • The nfc cannot be turned on. Anyone has the same issue as me?

  • Updated using VPN, as Poland is not in wave 1. Slow operators in testing and confirming, I guess.

    My experience so far is positive. No lags (not faster than 10, either), charging works fine.

    I confirm video not recording issue. However, I was using gcam mode ( due to better quality.

    Haven't tested NFC yet, will update.

    I don't advise speeding up the update process (like myself doing VPN trick). The update doesn't bring anything exciting. And it seems some people are experiencing real issues.

  • NFC is fine for me. I used it today.

  • Serious problem after upgrade, cannot take any video by any Apps and save to local or SD Card. Please fix it ASAP.

  • Go to your camera app info the Clear storage and cache. You will able to use the camera recorder again. It was my problem before and got solved after doing this. Updated camera app of HMD is no longer available for Nokia 7.2 running A11.

  • chiraggohil
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    Here's a fix for the video recording bug on Nokia 7.2

    Go to Settings > Apps and Notifs > Camera app. Tap three dots at top right corner then tap on uninstall updates.

    You can now once again record videos with your 7.2

  • Does the Panorama mode work fine? Because that update was to fix that bug.

  • Video recording bug now has a temporary fix. 😃👇️

  • 2 button navigation has been removed in Nokia 7.2. Why has Nokia removed 2 button navigation? I have become habitual of 2 button navigation. It is simple to use rather than 3 button navigation. Bring back 2 button navigation in Nokia 7.2.

    Also, the phone is hanging after updating to Android 11.

  • The option for two button has been removed completely. So, this won't work.

  • Odd. So what navigation options show under that settings?

  • And may I remind you on existing problems with the 5.4 series (floating audio quality in SIM-calls with ANY provider), which you regret to repair in your service center in hungary ("no errors found") in cases of guarantee? That´s a severe legal problem!

  • I confirm NFC is also working for me.

    Couldn't edit earlier post.

  • As for 2 button navigation, that looks like Google took it out at 11, lots of stuff online with Google phone users moaning, so I doubt if Nokia had any choice as they are part of Android One

  • In my case, after upgrading to Android 11,

    1. Device becomes too laggy (UI) and facing a lot more performance issues.

    2. Also there is some error in camera application.

    3. It shows 'Google Play Services for AR' no longer compatible on Google Play.

    *No charging issues atleast.

  • After updating to android 11, my phone does not always charge, widgets disappear from the home screen and the battery drains faster.

  • Got the Android 11 update to Nokia 7.2 . Toooo many issues, here are some of them

    1. Charging issue

    when we plug in after use it shows charging but didn't charge at all, in order to chagre in have to restart phone then it stars what so called rapid charging but takes like forever to charge (at least 2:30 hrs to reach 90% from 15%)

    2. I tried turning on and off the Background Data setting (for the respective app>> Mobile Data and WIFI>>Background Data) it doesn't affect at all.

    3. Cannot access some folders like Android>>data. Nothing in it, is it possible. I have attached screenshot shot of it above.

    If charging is an issue then it feels like to give away mobile.

    Nokia 7.2 users plz feel free to add more issues.

    Hoping to get reply from Nokia Staff Members ( if they are not busy then fast or ASAP in plz it's irritating to use phone)

  • And now the HMD phone app crashes after max. 2min call duration! Within the 2min calls I can't be heard loud enough from the participant, even with ext. speaker on.

    This is so disgusting, changing now to Xiaomi!

  • I think I'll disable updates for now. The fact that the second wave hasn't been released yet may mean there's things are being looked at, but for now I'll stay on 10

  • My Issues:

    1. charging, not charge, need restart

    2. Problem with data in folders: download document by chrome, first try open, second try file not found

    3. Lag starting, after restart

    4. No front camera

    5. Crash all apps after open, need restart

    6. Problem with calls, microphone mute, need restart

    7. After restart, Torch say is used by camera, need restart again

    8. Wifi connect and disconnect several time

  • I wonder if HMD staff is looking into the problem or not as since the update rolled out 6 days ago I havn't seen HMD staff acknowledging those issues yet.These issues are disturbing and causing inconvenient in day to day usage. I am expecting a quick hotfix soon instead of some regular routine update in a few months time.