Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • And how james bond can use or survive with malfungtion ???

  • ****.

  • Still nothing in Poland

  • I have 7.2 i live in Holland the Netherlands when is update to android 11 i wait to long all IT is december 2021. Come nokia

  • Andorid 11 is good. But it is still not fully sopported. Some minor issue still present.

    Like my phone ring even in silent mode if it is in my pant pocket.

    Gesture navigation not fluent specially on recent application view.

    Hope will get this fixed in next update.

  • Why is Africa not included in your list of those to receive the update? Are Africans not welcomed to the HMD global family?

  • I don't know what is worst

    • All bugs in Android 11 upgrade (charging, camera, ...)
    • Total ignorance from HMD Globals side.

    One can wonder if Nokia would 'sell' their brand-name to HMD Global once more if they knew how HMD Global is dragging it to dirt...

    A big, really big shame!

  • Nokia smart phone are world's No 1 buggy Phone.

  • I totally agree, it's not the ODM's fault My mother's Xiaomi Mi A3 is build also by Longcheer and she got the Update to A11 in April with 1 month delay because of the bricking issue.

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    And I agree with you anyways mate. I think you took it too personally about the Android One remark.

    Given that Nokia is now the only company doing Android One phones, and I've seen people have a bad experience with both Xiaomi and Moto's Android One phones, although not bad as hmd ones, I made it as a general remark. There's some substance when we see that most of the OEMs who committed to Android One have moved on and aren't doing it anymore.

    Of course, any software can be made good if optimized, audited, and delivered properly. I wasn't putting the blame on ODM alone here, that's why I said I was hopeful when they switched ODMs, like okay, maybe FIH was bad, now things will be better, then maybe other ODMs might be bad, now hmd will do better, and yes, they are better than the ODM releases as of now, but we are only seeing first gen of the software from them as of now. ODMs will have a different kind of delivery for different kind of products

    And for a fun little thing, longcheer is using the same test signing keys to sign the Nokia 7.2 OTA builds that it used on some general mobile phone (and the awesome team left the keys - that are supposed to be private - in the software - I laugh at their security). So, yeah the keys are available and anybody can sign their own custom build and sideload it as an OTA. The phone will accept it because the keys will be validated. Now that's how secure the Nokia 7.2 goes from the security perspective 😎

    If doing an ODM to ODM comparison and since hmd utilizes many of them, Huaqin is the one that has done the most stable Android One updates to Nokia phones among all of them - maybe hmd pays them more. The performance of ODMs also depends on a lot of factors, including how many similar specced clones they made for others. With more phones having common internals, it becomes easier for them to develop OS once and then ship them to a number of devices under different names. Such devices will get more stable builds due to widespread utilization.

    And Android One being crap is still going to be my personal remark for it being the most featureless version of Android. It seems to be built for lazy companies who do not want to make the effort of differentiating the product from the competition. I don't hate it for hmd's delivery being buggy. I hate it for being without features and customization options in a world where almost every OEM has a better-developed software experience. And also at a point where hardware is almost the same in the market and software is the area where most of the differentiating is happening (something that hmd itself agrees to, internally).

  • Ok , please nokia tell us

    Will you update 7.2 and 6.2 to android 11 or not ?

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    Thank you for your elaborate answer.

  • But in Italy when the update to Android 11 arrives for the Nokia 7.2 ???