Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • I also try the XDA downgrade

    It work fine, No root, no unlock bootloader, just after apply all security upgrade since 2021-02. (03, 04, 07 ...)

    Too much bug on 11 update :

    Charge, each reboot, it put call default sim on the 1, I want the choice. an many other listed here.

    For country where 11 is not arrived, Be happy, and wait patch or stay on 10.

  • About charging. I have done following steps for two Nokia 7 2 phones and they both charge without any problems for several days:

    Step 1 Settings/Advanced/Reset options/Reset app preferenses

    Step 2 Settings/ Apps and notifications/ See all apps/Device Health Services:

    - Force stop

    - Clear storage and cache

    - Disable

    Step 3 Restart the phone: keep pressing power switch and volume up until the phone restarts.

    Hope this helps you!

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    It works some days, but the bug come back.

    I downgrade to 10, and I think that the upgrade to 11 is stopped, I have no upgrade purposed after october security patch

  • Yes, I think everyone here heard the news. And your point is....?

  • As the ad You posted clearly says "Nokia 9 PureView a discount"... 🤨


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    I see what you mean. But personally I have nothing against 7.2, it's just that **** HMD that can't provide promised software updates and doesn't want to answer any questions about it. If custom roms for 7.2 fully supported its hardware I wouldn't even bother if HMD can get their crap together or not. After (if) they finally release stable Android 11 for my phone I hope they go bancrupt, world would be a better place without such companies.

  • Hi, I live in Belarus and bought Nokia 7.2 in Russia. I have same issues on my phone, but I didn't received roll back update. May you please provide roll back update to Russian Nokia 7.2 phones?

  • When is Africa, South Africa to be specific getting the update if ever?

  • Updated to 00WW_3_440_SP01. Let's see if this fixed any issues

  • Ok.. 👍

  • It's only approx 19,4MB so if there is anything else than pure security patch I'm really surprised.

    If so it must be really tiny fixes. 😕

  • And, as not a big surprise, the Google Play Services remained on August 1'st.

    How hard can that be?

  • The December update is not jet published on the release page from Nokia, maybe it will arrive as a Christmas present.

  • My front selfie camera on my Nokia 7.2 also dissapeared and not working since update to Android 11. Is anyone else have same problem?

  • The charging issue submitted by many is also true with me. Messages given are:

    Cannot charge right now, charging slowly (after restart or so), battery draining more quickly, when charging after restart or in shut down mode, it takes very very long time. the issues not being addressed since long now. Is HMD forcing me to upgrade phone or I end my love with Nokia.

  • We all are waithing to long for update from 10 to 11 for the Nokia 7.2. i AM in the Netherlands and Nokia we here nothing of the update come and give everybody a update to android 11. IT is not so difficult of you wint do IT tell is that then. Then is this the last Nokia i have from you all NOKIA.

  • So LG, yes LG the company that shut down its smartphone division just updated the LG Wing to Android 11.

    That's just sad..

  • Well, that can't be all good:

    How about a proper and complete update??

    Or that's too much to ask for?

  • Hola, en PERÚ no se actualiza mi Nokia 7.2 a Android un pena☹️. Se acaba el año u nada.☹️☹️☹️☹️. Mal con Nokia no cumple con su promesa.

  • Cuando será la segunda ola para la actualización android 11 en Nokia 7.2 mucho está demorando

  • Is there a global place to file a complaint against Nokia for underestimating its customers and not fulfilling its commitments in updates, which causes great harm to the customer?

  • Нокиа обосралась перед своими клиентами.Прощай забытый бренд.

  • You can complain at the HMD headquarters in Shenzhen in China. Don't expect to much from them it's a closed organization just as the rest of China.

  • First it was said 3th quarter of 2021 (somewhere on here). Now we see they start at november 11th in certain countries.

    Belgium (a small European country) is nowhere mentioned, My two 7.2 phones are 2 years old now, still going strong but waiting for the Android 11 update (as promised bij Nokia). I wonder when the update will ever arrive here in Belgium...If ever....

    Maybe it is time to look for another brand with faster updates, something like the Pixel phones.

    When I bought the Nokia they said it was as good as a clean version of Android so updates would come fast...

    In the meantime, other brands are already starting to update with Android 12!!

    It looks like this was a sales pitch. I am a little bit disappointed in the Nokia brand. I doesn't come true on his promises...

    Time to change to another brand with faster updates?

  • The only solution Nokia has is to delete unpleasant posts. This says it all 😤😤😤

  • I am wondering if HMD fixed the issues on this update? I am a bit lack of confidence about installing further update after the mess they put on Android 11.