Android 11 on Nokia 6.2



  •  Wave 2 when?

  • It'll probably take some time. Buggy Android 11 has been pulled off. It's not available anymore, even for wave 1 countries. They're hopefully fixing its issues...

  • A11 rollout suspended then Vasilis? Sigh. Well at least i got the October Security update, albeit nearly December. I hope someone invents a phone that has one version of software that never, ever changes😁😁

  • Looks like wave 1 users were used as beta testers! 😂

  • Wave one was used as laboratory mice 😂

  • And there is seemingly no official communication. Where did you hear about that Android 11 is not available anymore? Can HMD at least admit that they made a mistake ... ?

  • Man hüllt sich gerne in Schweigen bei HMD. Kundenservice gleich Null

  • I was a few days ago in my home country, which is in the 1st wave, with a local SIM. No, update available.

  • let's hope that when Nokia releases the updated without bugs, we can get it GLOBALLY at the same time, not in waves and stuff like that because we have waited for too long now.

  • There's an issue with the charging. Sometimes says it's charging, but it's not.

    The only fix is a reboot to make it charge.

    Please fix it! :D

  • they should give us Android 12 instead, as an apology.

  • Android 11 arruina el teléfono, Esta lleno de errores, no actualicen, el teléfono no carga si no se reincia, aveces no suena los auriculares por cable o solo suena uno , la animación de aplicaciones abiertas es lenta o no funciona, un desastre , se demoran casi año y medio en lanzar la actualización para que venga con tantos errores

  • I can't wait to receive that android 11 for my Nokia 6.2 in South Africa, honestly speaking I am planning to upgrade early 2022 after bad experience with Nokia. Definitely not Nokia again this time around 🚮

  • Nice To see regular Updates as usual

  • Is it going to be your manner that u always lie your customers, its a big shame on Nokia Company, you dont even apologise for big delays, no credit for you any more, Good bye Nokia

  • Just got the Dec. security patch, still no fixes to any of the bugs in the intial Android 11 update.

    Battery still annoyingly not charging, needs a reboot after a while, not reliable at all.

    This is so bad, come on Nokia, do better!

  • When will Android update 11 come to Bangladesh?

  • Nokia will never fix it

  • Are there no more monthly security updates? Or is that just a statement from Nokia so that more phones will be sold?

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    please Android 11 days on my phone

  • Android 11 update not came . Vibration setting is not working properly please check it

  • Nokia 7.2, 62 and 9 update will not continue This news will not be officially announced so as not to hurt the company

  • does not matter whether Nokia update to Android 11. They can't even manage the monthly updates themselves. I throw the Nokia junk in the trash and buy a good cell phone from Samsung. Nokia is no good

  • It is to be hoped that Nokia will disappear completely from the market so that customers do not continue to fall for their promises with monthly updates. They are so cheeky to continue to advertise with it. It is good that their market share is fortunately very small and there is a chance that they will soon go bankrupt

  • Please Guide me which Nokia phone is best for gaming,...?