Android 11 on Nokia 6.2



  • Did they roll back the bugfix-update again?

    Because a few days later I was not able to see the update anymore. When I manually check for updates it says, that it is up to date. But it offered me an update around Feb. 1. So what is happening? Why can't I upgrade?

  • I originally bought this smartphone as a second phone and have been using it daily for some time now. Unfortunately, it did not really convince me due to bugs (camera but also system wise), massive performance problems and image retention. Furthermore, the customer handling and the update policy do not make a good impression. For these reasons I will rather not buy an upcoming flagship model from Nokia/HMD Global.

  • Looks like. The update is not available in Greece anymore, though some days ago some Greek users confirmed the update. Can anyone confirm?

  • Android patch fixed the charging bug. Open camera is perfect replacement for HMD's camera. Just wondering how HMD will fix the consumer trust to their products.

  • Words are wind. But, maybe a Nokia staffer will read this *sniggers*. Bugs since the 6.2 updated to A11:

    - device won't hold Wi-Fi connection for longer than three or four minutes at a time

    - it doesn't remember the choice of default launcher unless this is defined multiple times and after many reboots

    - randomnly, the screen stays on for long periods of time. At others, it seems to behave as if it has Screen Attention activated but there is no such setting

    - apps' functions that have consistently been compatible with Android suddenly are not

    - apps will occasionally just exit for no reason

    - the performance of the phone on 'swipe up' from the home button is inconsistent.

    Is there a way to roll back to A10? It would be good to see the above issues fixed, but they didn't exist on the older OS.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I upgraded to Android 11 about a week ago. Everything works perfectly. Even the battery seems to last longer.

    BUT, there's an issue on my phone. The phone charging speed. Some times when plugged to the charger, I get a "quick charging" message in the bottom of the lock screen, but usually it says "slow charging" and takes hours to fully charge. This is the usual case. Even when charging fast, after a while it goes back to slow charging. It looks like it's messed up.

    Do you have such an issue with the latest 11 upgrade? Please report.

  • MRiss
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    I cannot say that I have particular charging speed issues with Android 11, no.

    What I observed before and after the upgrade were slow and fluctuating charging speeds on a USB Hub ( But when using the Nokia charger I usually get either "Charging rapidly" or at least "Charging". Sometimes cleaning the contacts of the charging cable helped to achieve faster and more stable charging speed.

  • Looks like it was the charger's cable after all. Bought a new one, and charges normally! Even faster than before! Be careful what cable you buy when replacing it! Be sure it can handle at least a current of 2A (it's the maximum of the Nokia charger). Now, it shows constantly fast charging, and charges in about 1 and a half hours!

    Furthermore, the Android 11 upgrade works perfectly fine! No problems, no reboots, no nothing! I upgraded straight to the latest firmware 00WW_3_490.

  • Why it is lagging so much on Nokia 6.2

  • i don't like the update, it just works clumsily. swipe from right to left to go back and if you accidentally hit your device on the right side your whole page is gone and you can search again, even when swiping down I sometimes fail to close a page or app or to get to the widgets, then when I play a game again and I have to tap something at the bottom of my screen it does not respond. no nothing for me this update too bad nokia 6.2 android 12 not getting

  • They admitted failure and continue like it happened to a different company. All the devices suffering aren't theirs. I honestly don't get what is the plan of this company. Don't they understand that customers and their satisfaction is the only way to be a strong part of the phone market? Maybe I am missing something.

  • The consequence for this behavior will be that purchases will decrease more and more and Nokia will finally have to withdraw from the cell phone market for good if this does not change pretty soon.

  • It's just a matter of time. Companies with much better products have ended up like this, like LG.

  • My 6.2 is working fine on Android 11. Camera OK, charging OK. Switched back to button navigation instead of gestures, as above. Only problem, I suspect Google's, is various app passwords keep vanishing.

  • In the end, a factory reset seems to have resolved all the problems that Android 11 upgrade introduced on my phone, and improved its overall performance significantly. It's very common and usually expected, that upgrading an Android version will probably mess up some system files, leave problematic useless traces of previous version files, or some already installed apps may not even be compatible with the new version of Android. Normally, such things shouldn't be happening. But they do.

    Factory reset may be a pain in the a..., but I think it's something that unfortunately has to be done after a major upgrade of Android. I advice you should go for it ..

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    As much as I was content that during the run-up to the Android 11 upgrade Nokia still sent out security updates for Android 10, I'm now disappointed that after the upgrade the security updates have stopped. We are leaving March now and my 6.2 is still on the December patch. Is there anything you can do about it? Please? The March or April patch maybe? Soon? Please?

  • A quick look around the forums will make it crystal clear that there is no response, no solution and no interest from HMD. I think they don't even exist as a company. They only appear in Facebook to promote products that have no support.

  • MRiss
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    Thank you, I'm aware of that.

    I just want to give proper feedback about the customer experience. I promoted Nokia mobiles in my environment as affordable phones with good security update policy. I think there is a market for that. People with lower budget are nowadays also using online banking etc. and have therefore the same requirement for security.

    For this reason I was a big fan of the Android One program - affordable phones with all kinds of compromises at hardware level - but proper software and security support.

    For some reason this program seems to fizzle out now - which is a shame.

    But this also means that the reason to buy such phones - and Nokia phones where one of the best brands in this niche - is now also fizzling out.

    Who is buying a mobile phone when you cannot do anything with it that requires a proper level of online security?

    • no online banking
    • no 2FA
    • no tax declaration or other administrative tasks
    • no online shopping without warding yourself via prepaid cards etc

    Maybe teaming up with Lineage OS for long term support is an option? So that you only concentrate on the hardware and initial driver development and then you are done with a specific model and can concentrate on the next? Maybe charging for the hardware and then for a software support contract separately may be a option? This way you can cover your ongoing software support costs as long as a sufficiently large customer base still wants to use a specific phone model.

    Oh and yes, I'm aware of the difficult Android 11 adoption and the patent issues in Europe, combined these are a huge blow and would explain the slow rollout of security updates.

  • MRiss
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    Today the April patch arrived here in my region. Lots of thanks, Nokia! And please keep them coming!

  • MLQ
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    Received the April security patch too but no Google play system update. Still from January.

    Update: a manual check downloaded 2 updates for Google play system Now it is on March 2022 👍

  • Wave 2 pleaseee 🥺

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    Hi, My Name is Hamzat Sulaiman, a user of Nokia 6.2. I'm here to pass across a piece of information for People that are having ringout issue on their Nokia 6.2. The solution to the ringout issue is very simple. Just go to the "Call App" setting then click on the setting then stroll down to the " Calling Account" and switch off "Ascending Volume for incoming call". That's all, your Nokia 6.2 will be ringingout immediately. I'm a living witness of this issue. Please pass it across. Thanks

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    Thanks I had the same problem.

  • Vasilis Kos.
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    Just received a system update, version 00WW_3_710. It's size is 54+ MB, if I remember right.

    It's still April's security patch, but it's supposed to have stability improvements and UI enhancements. What was indeed fixed in my device is a problem with photos in night mode taken with the camera app, which couldn't be seen by some apps, like Viber and Lens. Also, when I was taking a picture with the camera app, and tapped the preview button to open the last taken photo, it couldn't be opened. It showed the previous one. All these are fixed! It's now completely bug free!

    Also, after updating, I checked for Play System updates, and it installed a 31 MB update, but after rebooting it's still reported as April's update.

    I hope we receive soon the May security update. It's already released for 7.2, so I guess it won't take long.

  • Use network-provided time does not work.

    have to set the time manually.

    android 11 v3.710

  • Just checked manually, and installed May Google Play System update!

  • NokiDo
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    Still can't use the front camera with the latest firmware update