Android 11 on Nokia 6.2



  • Bugs (Android 11 - V3.710)

    1. Use network-provided time does not work.

    have to set the time manually.

    2. if you add webpages to home screen, the added shortcut will be removed after restarting the phone for a few times.

    3. Restarting takes longer time than before.

    4. Comparing to android 10 multitasking page is laggy while surfing from one side to another.

  • Kimble303
    Kimble303 ✭✭✭

    But still no May Security patch available. Nokia 7.2 got it last week.

  • I seem to have lost my ring tone after the last update.

    My default changed and I can't find the ring tone that I had previously set, I liked it as it was the closest one I could find to a normal phone ringing sound.

  • NokiDo
    NokiDo ✭✭

    Please Nokia, stop updating this phone, performance is even worse than before (lagging, system UI not reacting etc.). Will soon change the phone, because it is now no longer usable in everyday life.