unable to charge from time to time after Android 11 upgrade



  • I'm facing a similar issue on my 5.3 and I had tried the factory reset and it didn't solve the issue. Now I've already given it to the Nokia care centre since it's under warranty. The Sooner I have seen this thread, I would have realised it's a software issue!

    Now I have to wait a few days for my device to come back from servicing😥

  • Well my issue is solved. After I got Nokia 8.3 broken with the same issue (charging plug not working at all) for the 4th time in 3 months I asked for money back. I got them. Now I have Android 11 and phone is charging fine. Because it is Samsung. Unfortunately, my daughter still has to reboot her Nokia phone every time she wants to charge it.

  • Jim-Boy
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    *All* these "working solutions" with different charging %, restart patterns, clearing caches and so on are just hoaxes and may work for few times but definitively NOT as persistent solutions!

    Only way get this mess properly solved is by a FW update by HMD Global (well, that killed my hope...).

    Woke up this morning with 8% battery level 😖So **** annoying!!!

  • Same issue i faced ...plug in my phone not charging and When I sleep, 10 or 15 percent of the phone's battery drain

  • Issue is still ongoing and no update available.

  • I noticed that this issue occurs every time I plug it in when the phone is in battery saver mode - not so much otherwise, so thought I'd try switching battery saver mode off before plugging the phone in.

    I've done this a couple of times so far and it seems to be working.

  • I received a small update on my 7.2 yesterday and it seems to have fixed the charging problem. Didn't need to restart to charge today 😄🎉

  • The issue seems to have been resolved by today's update for me too. Finally!

  • What's an update ? Did it receive in India? I see for me last update was on 1st December.

    Is it permanent fix?