My Experience with the Nokia 6.2 for ±11 months


My Experience with the Nokia 6.2 for ±11 months

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Coming from the Nokia 6 (2017) as it's charging port began dwindling in functionality, I decided it's finally time to get a new phone (although I've been through many other phones, I craved for a Nokia). So I picked up my 6.2 for 140 USD and, this is my experience so far.

The Good:

• Performance: Day to day tasks are a breeze. Even though it's powered by a SD636, it's not as horrible as everyone believes it to be. • Camera: Admittedly, using GCam, this small change in camera apps made it from "okay" to "excellent" for what it's worth. •Build quality: Pleasing to the hands, easy to hold (Albeit a tad slippery, VERY) and its design is simple, yet elegant. The glass back has a few minor scratches, but it is expected. • Screen: Definitely a plus. The HDR "Pureview" option works well when it does, and even if it's off, it's pleasing to view. • Power button LED light: A welcome treat.

The Not So Good:

• Speaker Quality: Tinny. (Can be improved using BOOM Sound FX, definitely worth checking out) • Proximity sensor: Unsure if it's a bug or what, but it's an annoying mess. May be a deal breaker for some. • Fingerprint sensor: Works well HOWEVER on less than ideal conditions, it's capabilities flock away. • Gaming capabilities: Not the best, but if you can keep your expectations low, you may get away with using it for gaming.

Let me know what you guys think😀

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