No Android 11 :(

Title says it all. Apparently some countries getting a special deal on new phones as some sort of recompense. Nothing in UK announced

No Android 11 :(

Keith Keith
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Title says it all. Apparently some countries getting a special deal on new phones as some sort of recompense.

Nothing in UK announced


  • Cico Cico
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    Yeah, this time they really done it. It appears that everything i want to support just takes a sh..t on my principles. I supported hmd from the beginning, hack half of my family has a nokia because of me. I am just disappointed of them, their way of treating customers and their way of doing business this days, they are just miles below Nokia standards and pretty much act like a chinese company. I hope fairphone won't take a du.p on my expectations... hmd won't be seeing me back for a looong time, they lost my trust and my support as i won't be able to recomand the nokia brand to anyone anymore. They just destroyed this name. Nokia should sue them...

  • Kimble303 Kimble303
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  • Fere Mx Fere Mx
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    we should sue hmd because the device never worked properly 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Tejas01 Tejas01
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    There you go.. official confirmed. Reason being, it was difficult to maintain, so we gave up.

  • 50% for what?

    For a phone that is the last 💩

    Thanks but I will never never buy again anything from you.

    By the way.

    The X20 has no OLED the poorest CPU and the price is 300$ New.

    For 200$ I can get a much better Xiaomi phone.

    Bye bye Nokia

  • pepepez pepepez
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    It is very disappointing that there is no update to Android 11 anymore.

    However, the compensation offer is even more disappointing: 50% discount on XR20.

    The high robustness is worthless for me (that was never a criterion, otherwise I would not have bought Nokia 9 PV !).If I then subtract that from the features, I am left with a mediocre smartphone. For the discount price offered, there are better devices in this category. (9 PV's camera is still factors better than XR20's, even if it only works well when fully charged).

    If XR20 is currently the best Nokia can manage and offer that to their flagship device owners, then it's time for me to look elsewhere.

    I appreciated the device quality, the stock Android and the brand. But now, after more than 20 years, I think I'll look to another manufacturer.

    Well, that's it then, Nokia.

  • Sensonic Sensonic
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    As a Finnish guy I must say this is really pathetic and disappointing.

    Chinese mobile phone manufacturer activity: they'd rather make you to purchase brand new phone instead of giving updates for old ones. Android One LMAO.

    This was my last Nokia phone. If they want me to continue as their customer, it's a brand new phone model for free or nothing. Considering the manufacturing costs of a single phone (manufactured in high volumes), that'd be a great good-will movement for the customers who have already paid for the "flagship phone" and been betrayed.

    Already posted the similar post to LinkedIn and tagged HMD to it.

    The support of HMD/Nokia phone is faceless. There's not any possibility to contact any person in Europe. The support is outsourced to India to third party with the lack of any phone related knowledge whatsoever.

    Come on HMD , you can do better. How about starting to polish your image by giving a free phone to every Nokia 9 PureView customer who has contacted you and complained the situation not receiving the promised Android 11?

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