Nokia 9 broken promises

As you're aware, Nokia 9 is not getting the promised update. In EU, it would be called false advertisement and it's against the law.

Nokia 9 broken promises

Remmerboy Remmerboy
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As you're aware, Nokia 9 is not getting the promised update.

In EU, it would be called false advertisement and it's against the law. I think it is possible to return the phone to the retailer, but look into the laws in your region. VW also did false advertising with their cars, and got fined and had to compensate or do a buyback program.

I think with all the broken promises with Nokia 9, a solution should be a buyback.

XR20 is a low-end phone with a big price. Maybe the reason for the big price is because they then can afford the 50% discount. But it's the only current phone with wireless charging. And I'm guessing new good products arrived/announced in April/may since the discount is only to march.

I would like to encourage Nokia to start a buyback program, so i can buy a new phone from a company that don't do false advertising and offer higher-end than 400 series SoC.

Pixel 6 is not that much pricier than XR20 but offers much better SoC and support.


  • scottb721 scottb721
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    Is there somewhere we can find the update promise ?

    Would be handy

  • Anyone has network problems with Nokia 9?

    My Nokia 9 has returned from the second repair service and they said that's nothing worng with my phone but...

    In areas with 5G the network connection falls and after some time and with some luck it reconnects but to 3G network only and not the 4G.

    In the same locals and with the same SIM card have no problems finding and connecting to 4G.

    Tried the nokia chat many times, I repeated each time all the interaccions and details of the last month and found that the chat is a tool to dump our emotions and not to solve a real problem... They are sorry for every problem but "wait for an update or send it again to repair". Tried 2 times the repair service and no luck... The phone works great in my home... maybe it doesn't like to leave home.

  • Adrian Neacsu Adrian Neacsu
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    Nokia 9 PW doesn't support 5G. It only takes 2/3/4 G, but I think it's faulty and the incompetence of the service centre is fantastic as users complain about the issues but they say it's nothing wrong. You are not alone in this regard. Choose another brand next time,like me with Xiaomi, since they value their customers not like HMD GLOBAL who doesn't give a****

  • Cico Cico
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    Yeah right, i hoped at least here to not see another xiami propaganda... if xiaomi gives support, well baba yaga is the friendly Girl next door.

  • pepepez pepepez
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    "Buying a Pixel 6" instead, that is exactly what I did.

    It has a fingerprint sensor that works well, the camera works very well and produces nice pictures in my view. The physical device design is exceptional and it stands out from the crowd.

    I strongly believe that Google will continue to provide new Android releases long enough for this device.

    I would have liked for HMD/Nokia to release such a device as a successor to Nokia 9 PureView.

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