Nokia 5.4 Issues

My Nokia 5.4 The Google Play update keeps reverting back to 1st of February even though I installed to The 1st of November Update The Latest Update. Problem 2 Nokia 5.4 In Indonesia has not have an Upgrade to Android 11 (Yes, I have already talked to a Nokia Customer Support Person; They said Please Wait if the Wave for Android 11 is official then Android 11 be announced to all Nokia 5.4 Users) That's correct but Please Maintain Support for Android 10 because in the Security Tab the Security Updates is red and It's has been 3 months since the last Security Update for Android 10. Problem 3 I don't know why but My Nokia 5.4 sometimes the Launcher crashed and Disables The VoLTE feature. It's that normal for you? That's all Thank You.