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@Henning Rauth I haven't updated to official Android 12 because my country is not among wave 1 countries.

[23.12.2021: Wave 2 live] Android 12 on Nokia X20


  • @Henning Rauth I haven't updated to official Android 12 because my country is not among wave 1 countries. When I read your reply I contact Nokia support, there response wasn't encouraging at all. I don't know why Nokia will provide the OTA of developer preview when this people know there will be problem in getting official update. If this is the situation here, I think I am done with this Nokia phone. They don't know how to treat a customer. You want us to roll back to Android 11, you remove the button to do so without prior notice. I will go back to Samsung. I have had enough of this Nokia.

  • So far:

    - distorted audio via Bluetooth on YouTube Music and Apple Music (Spotify is fine)

    - some apps don't even launch, they just instantly crash after tapping on their icon

    - I may or may not experienced overheating issue once, but I still try to investigate this one

    In conclusion: we got a fancy new UI, but Android 12 is a trainwreck. The audio thing **** me off the most.

  • Richard1234 Richard1234
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    Got my update Android 12 on my X20, but since then, I don't have 5G icoon anymore ....? My friend sitting next to me has same provider other mobile phone but still 5G....what went wrong with the update ???

  • Roger Thomassen Roger Thomassen
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    Android 12 on nokia x20 is buggy screen use is 0 hours while i use my phone. I reset already my fone to factory settings after android 12 update.

    Wait for the second update android 12. I think there are more bugs in android 12.

  • Flashy Flashy
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    I updated the X20 to Android 12 and noticed the screen now uses pwm dimming if the brightness is set under 64 percent. Not to happy about it as the phone didn't use pwm on Android 11 and Nokia promises flicker-free dimming in the specifications.

  • @FAHDM3B Did you join the Android developer preview program? Because I joined and after 2 beta downloads, Nokia removed the developer preview button without prior notice to allow people that joined to roll back to Android 11. Now my X20 is messed up with bugs. Since Nokia knows that there will be issue I wondered why they released the beta OTA, To be honest, I had better experience on all these, with the huge amount I used to buy this phone, I will never advice my enemy to buy Nokia phones. I am done with this Nokia phone. Going back to Samsung.

  • juuk juuk
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    So the 17th has passed and no OTA update in a wave 1 country. Build still 00WW_2_200. What's up?

  • @juuk That's my build number as well. Why would they ignored those that helped test the OS on Nokia X20. Please Nokia do something about this issue.

  • arupdas726 arupdas726
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    Great #5DaysOfChristmas

  • I complained, now I have to give praise too.

    The update just arrived. So they didn't forget the tester. 4-5 days after official date is OK.

    @nokia if you communicate more with us nobody would have complained because of four days

  • Wave 2 ????

  • juuk juuk
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    Update rolled in to a wave 1 country today on the 21st which is nice.

    Google Pay now allows adding cards which previously didn't work but states on setting up contactless that "phone doesn't meet security requirements".

  • I Love The Way The Nokia Is Pushing Updates as Frequent That Make Difference Between Other Brands

    Great Nokia

    Proud Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 8 Sirrco User❤️❤️❤️

  • Does anyone know the likely released date of wave 2 update on Nokia X20 and the likely countries.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Aha.. Wave 2 is live now 😎

  • Lawss Lawss
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    Yea, received for my unit today in UAE

  • Lawss Lawss
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    Amazon prime does not play Full HD videos on Nokia X20 and Now after the A12 update Netflix playback specifications has gone from HD to SD.

  • yamahammer yamahammer
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    Confirm that the update to Android 12 has been received here in Manitoba, Canada. Will report back with any bugs.

  • Nyc..

  • yamahammer yamahammer
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    Long press on home screen to choose wallpaper indeed does not work but I was able to set my wallpaper using settings.

  • I have received the update here in Nigeria. But there are some bugs. First the wallpaper doesn't work from clicking the home page, until someone launches the setting pannel. Secondly, Netflix stopped working after this update.

  • Afronatty Afronatty
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    Netflix stopped working? That's some serious bug. I hope it's sorted out.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Some of the bugs after the update.

    Widevine L1 certification for Netflix is broken which all says that this update was rolled out in a hurry.

    Battery screen on time remains 0 even hours after using the phone.

  • After upgrading to Android 12 rapid charging stopped working, there is slow charging only, which is useless in practice. Any idea how to fix it?

  • netflix hasn't stopped working because on my X20 I see it often and update it to Android 12, but the viewing quality is no longer HD on Netflix.

  • netflix hasn't stopped working on my Nokia X20 but the viewing quality on the Netflix app is no longer HD

  • Waiting for Wave 3.

  • This is the prove of me saying Netflix stopped working after pulling the update.

  • Lasthope Lasthope
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    I don't have this problem on Nokia X20. I'm from Italy and i did the update yesterday. Did you clear your data after the update?

  • the always on display is no longer present after the update to Android 12 or am I wrong?

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