Android 12 on Nokia X10

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Hello Nokia X10 users,

Congratulations, you are now set to receive Android 12!

To provide a smooth rollout, we dispatch the Update in Waves.

Wave 1 includes:

  • Albania
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands (Tele 2, VF, T-Mobile)
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • UAE

All users in the approved markets will be able to receive the Android 12 update by Dec 26.

You can check out our FAQ on Waves and approved Markets here.

Stay tuned for an announcement on when Wave 2 of the update begins to roll out!



  • Great 👏👏🎉

  • Great news for Nokia X10 users. Android 12 is rolling out fast for some of the new Nokia devices.

  • When will the Android 11 update for Nokia 7.2 be released in other countries?😡😡😡😡

  • Hi community, you have again for the NOKIA 8.3 5G

    In must receive the big update for Android 12,

  • Great news for Nokia X10 users. enjoy it 🤟🙂

    #Nokiamobile #Nokia X10 #SoftwareUpdate #Android12

  • That's great news Android 12 is available on Nokia X10.

    However I note that the X10 and X20 are the same devices both regarding hardware and software, except for the camera. Wouldn't it be to send out updates as a single grouped target?

  • Is the Android 12 update available for all because am in Ghana ?

    I haven't received any update..

  • I suggest Nokia could improve and also advance again if we (Nokia ) had our Nokia Os + android like Samsung with IU one or the IMui

  • Will wave 2 start by end of 2021?

  • epic fail: tethering stopped working and now I cannot work anymore.

    Could someone please point me to the Android 11 image to "flash me back" ?

  • Correction: it wasn't simply the tethering, it was all data network access.

    On update my Network Operator APN configuration got wiped out.

    I had to manually reconfigure them, everything now works

    Pretty bad UX anyway for an Android One (flagship like) phone

  • Great 👍

  • Nokia mobiles now a days are totally garbage ones with some stupid added functions like you cannot turned off fingerprint scanner vibration while unlocking the phone and the most highlighted f_____g call recording alert to the other end of your call

  • The android 12 update installed yesterday.

    Some cons or bugs:

    The wallpaper can't be changed by long pressing the home screen. It says the app isn't installed. (From settings you still can change wallpaper)

    Themed icons are not available. They don't adopt theme colour.

    Icon folders look very very ugly and are not transparent anymore. You cannot change their colour either.

    And very nasty: you can't control the volume of a Chromecast with your volume button anymore. Really bad.

    I can't find any workarounds at the moment.

  • If that's the case I'd prefer to wait for some stable updates. Fast updates with bugs are not what I'd want for phone.

  • Updated my X10 to Android 12 and comlpletely lost mobile data access.

    I've been playing around with APN too but nothing changed.

    After several days (Switch sim, test on other phone) it was really the update that broke the connexion.

    I eventually managed to "repair" it by changing the "prefered network type" (not sure about the translation from french here) from 3G to 4G and 5G and it magically appeared to work again.

    Also some bugs encountered (wallpaper works, I didn't dig further in the coloris since default ones fited for me) but in dark mode you enter in an app from the drawer. Then go back to drawer (swipe from edge or nav button) and search bar isn't in darkmode anymore.

    Hope it helps

  • Same issue with my x10, no data since the upgrade, switching to 4g or 3g managed to make it work for a short time but it is not a viable solution.

    I'm in france too, orange network.

  • Some information on when the update will go live in the UK would be nice. Still on Android 11/ November 21 patch here..

  • Hello, same issue with mobile data here as well, I'm in France as well, and on Orange network as well. No more mobile data since Android 12 upgrade, I've tried almost anything:

    • use the special code to fiddle with network settings (*#*#4636#*#* if I remember correctly) => didn't work
    • switch plane mode on/off => didn't work
    • switch mobile data on/off => didn't work
    • restart the phone multiple times (and wait a few minutes or not) => didn't work
    • fiddle with APN settings (reset to defaults, edit the existing ones, select explicitly one APN, set up an APN manually) => didn't work
    • tried other settings within the mobile data page (disable the use of 5G, change the preferred network type, etc...) => didn't work

    I managed to switch the SIM card of another phone which used SFR as a provider (but it was not a 5G offer, only 4G) and it worked in 4G as expected, so the problem seems to be between Android 12/this specific smartphone/Orange.

    To get my phone working again I sent my phone to the Nokia mobile care service, explaining what I just said and telling to reinstall Android 11. They sent the phone back with an email saying that they didn't do anything because the phone worked and what I was experiencing wasn't covered by the guarantee.

    But when receiving the phone I saw that mobile data worked again because the phone was in fact reverted back to Android 11 as I asked x)

    All in all, I'm pretty disappointed by this untested release along with the customer service not being very "customer friendly" but anyway the phone is up and running again thanks to this unexpected rollback to Android 11. I disabled all auto updates along with the update notifications and I don't think I'll ever upgrade this phone again (not very secure, but at least I prefer an unsecured phone rather than a non working phone x) )

  • Hi. When is Nokia rolling out Android 12 to the rest of the X10 users? Do we matter down here in Africa?

  • Hello my friend, I'm from Mauritius.

    You may get the update faster by trying the VPN trick, but I'd highly recommend you to wait a bit. Just read about those bugs from the comments up in this thread first and if that's okay for you, go ahead 😉

  • I am also facing some issues with the new update.

    My phone locks screen on its own even when I use it, raise ringtone volume and the charging is not stable like being on android 11.

    It seems to be slower than before.

    I am from Egypt.

  • Any news on Wave 2 please?

  • Я тоже жду но в Россию обновление ещё не пришло, надеюсь что уже скоро выйдет так что обретатели Nokia x10 получат свой Андроид 12

  • aspe
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    I just got Android 12 (V2.230) and I'm from Greece (not in the first wave 😊).

    It comes with the November security patch, but I'm hopeful the December one is coming soon.

  • Всех хочу поздравить вышло обновление системы безопасности Android 12 Nokia x10

    Скачивайте в России доступно оператор Мегафон

  • Just received Android 12 on X10. I am from Hong Kong.

    All working fine so far except that the wallpaper shortcut on desktop is not working.

    Security Update still on November.

  • Received the upgrade to Android 12 here in Mauritius.

    Anyone knows of a way to roll back to Android 11? Just in case it doesn't work out well for me..

  • Nothing in the UK yet. Very disappointing.