Random ghost touches

Fingolfin ✭✭
edited December 2021 in Nokia 5.3

Anyone else experiencing this? Basically, at a random time, my phone starts clicking something(website buttons for example) without me doing anything. When I lock and unlock it usually fixes it, but it's still annoying because I could accidentally send something I don't want to. Btw, I don't have a screen protector.



  • I do experience it to. The ghost touching started when upgraded to Android 11.

  • I experience it too and it's super annoying.

  • At times the touch does not work.... Need to lock and again unlock the phone then it works.... But after the upgrade, the touch is not properly.... Did not expect this from team Nokia

  • Sergiu Sebastian
    edited February 17

    The update has nothing to do with it, it happens on Android 10 too. I have not received 11 yet and the ghost touches are also there, they go away after rebooting but after a while they come back.

  • If upgrade is not an issue then either it is Nokia's code or else it is more scarry as it feels as if it's been hacked. For me it started when i used to open play Store as it will not allow me to type anything saying some other application is over the app. Looks like a key logger.

    How to ensure Nokia is looking into it?

  • RPothi
    RPothi ✭✭

    For me, the issue started around the start of this month, probably after applying May security patch.

  • Still have this issue after May 22 update….

    Beginning to feel like it’s hardware related…

  • How about now after upgrading to android 12? Are there still have any issues?

  • If it is hardware related, it could be a permanent issue. However, at least for me, the issue comes up and goes off every few days / weeks. It never stays there for couple of months at a stretch.