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An online prepaid order made 2 weeks back does not get delivered even when delivery location is in a major Indian city. All call help personnel reply is wait for 2/2 days. No body with decisive power responds. Buyers beware is all that can be said.


  • singhnsk
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    Hi @dipankar paul and @srijanbhatia, if you can do something, please look into the matter of store support.

    I've had a personal experience as well. The level 1 support knows nothing. The chat can't cancel orders, alter them or provide any proper updates. So, anybody who places orders via the web shop has to go through a really long loop of talking to people who have no answers. The first level of interaction should be with people who can do something about the orders.

    The worse is that entire core support is outsourced and the only people who have actual data and control are at hmd who are impossible to be reached. All this is leading to a long loop of communication and a harrasment to the customers.

    There should be a way to escalate the problems to hmd if even the managerial level person of your outsourced partner cannot help. Because the interaction ends here. All one can do is to talk to the manager at this outsourced desk and the halt there. What's the customer disputes resolution process and policy?