WhatsApp voice recording no longer working


since the beginning of December I am unable to playback the WhatsApp voice messages I send, not only I cannot play them but the receivers cannot play my messages either. 

It was working perfectly before, but suddenly it stopped. I could not find a reason, so I factory reset my phone, reinstalled WhatsApp app from scratch, but no go. 

When I hit the Play button, it just stays there, the cursor does no move anywhere. I am pretty sure the phone records the messages, but nobody is able to listen to them. The audio settings are correct as well as permissions. 

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

I can only think this is due to an update from WhatsApp that has generated a software conflict with this phone, which is why I would like to know if anybody else is experiencing this problem.

Thank you!



  • Anybody?

  • I'm also having the same problem with WhatsApp and my wife had the same problem but I solved it by restarting her phone except my mine that I've been struggling with since October 2021. What your take guys

  • The same thing happens to me too, don't you know a solution for this?

  • I don't know if someone can contact a Nokia administrator for a solution?

  • The same problem I am also suffering. Please help and send solution at your earliest. Thanking you with warm regards.

    S K Mukherjee

  • I have the same problem. I contacted Whatsapp support and they told me they are aware of the issue and they would launch an update for this issue. 3 updates now without any solution from Whatsapp.

  • Yep me too and no one seems to want to help even Nokia admins any luck solving this issue

  • All Nokia have the same issue tried what's app GB work for a while til the update arrive then it stopped working

  • Same here. Nokia 5, Android 9.

    It stopped recording since dec-21 when WhatsApp implemented pause recording option and sound bars while recording.

    It's sep-22 and WhatsApp support only says "it's aware of this issue" every time I try to contact them.

    All others apps including Telegram or 3rd party voice recordershave no problems

  • I understand that a large part of the userbase is now using new versions of Android, however, not attending to those who are on older versions is too unfair on WhatsApp's part. Not giving new features is one, and breaking and not fixing standard features is another.