Anyone got any updates for g50?

Where is it

Anyone got any updates for g50?

Annkru Annkru
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Where is it


  • Annkru Annkru
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    Still nothing

  • peejay2000 peejay2000

    Did yours ever update? I just bought a G50 last week, and it's showing the 5 November 2021 date, and saying "your system is up to date". No it isn't! I'm in the UK.

    Nokia support told me to do a factory reset. It didn't help.

  • blarn blarn
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    G50 in US, but I was able to update to Android 12 by removing the SIM card and running update while connected on wifi. I wish I had not, because Android 12 is a very bad experience for me. The phone will not connect to 5Ghz wifi anymore, only 2.4Ghz so it is much slower than it should be. Apparently, you can't go back after updating to 12.

  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    I got a brand new G50 phone and updated it without ever entering the sim or restoring my account. It's stuck on Android 11 November as well. I queried with Nokia support and they said I had the latest update and to wait for the next one. I then got the answer that Android 12 isn't released etc.

    It's four months since the last security update. If it goes to six months I'll sell it off and never get another Nokia. It's just not good enough to optimise monthly updates and not deliver on them.

    Going by what they suggested it looks like there are different hardware versions and the version I bought retail in Australia, and Peejay2000 bought in the UK, are currently stuck on November and have no further updates yet, and no Android 12.

    It could be they won't ever update further, unless they do release an MR for this version. I tried everything with no luck.

    So for me, definitely not a SIM block as the phone had never seen one. It updated with Android 11 security updates (September, October, then November), which shouldn't happen unless they are still available to support these hardware versions. Otherwise it should have gone straight to Android 12 one would think.

    I suspect next MR update for Android 12 will just be a build update for those with Android 12, not a full update from Android 11.

  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    Just bought mine too, retail, as mentioned in my last post. After giving my IMEI as asked they said Android 12 isn't available for my device through support and that November is the latest for my device. Either they pulled Android 12, or our versions of phone can't currently be updated.

    It will be interesting how long it takes.

  • jpc2001 jpc2001
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    Here's a success story, in case this helps someone.

    I have a G50 (TA-1390) in the USA. Using it with H2O Wireless (an AT&T MVNO).

    It updated to Android 12 with the November security patch on first boot (version 00WW_2_160). Then for over a week it saw no new updates. But it should see them, right? There are several newer security patches at

    Anyhow, this sequence allowed it to get an update:

    Remove SIM. Factory reset. Over wifi, log into google and allow the phone to retrieve apps and settings from a backup. Turn off location services. Using the TunnelBear VPN app, connect to their server in the Netherlands to get a Netherlands IP. Then it finally saw the February security patch!

    It's possible that not all of this was needed. The VPN definitely was -- with all but that, it still didn't see an update. The Netherlands was the first country I tried, probably others would work?

    All these steps are quick except the factory reset. Next time this phone falls months behind on updates, I'll try the same sequence without the reset and let you all know how that goes.

    Rant: it shouldn't be this hard. Why can't HMD get a security update to everyone in the world pretty fast? What's the logic behind geo or carrier restrictions? Whatever the business reason -- if it is a business reason and not just a bug -- it seems pointless and broken and is not a good experience for users.

    One final oddity: the version it picked up is "00WW_2_260". It was 136MB. This is more than just the February security patch for the version I had before, it's a newer base Android version too I guess? This version isn't mentioned yet on the official list of versions at which is probably just a bit out of date.

  • jkeloltri1 jkeloltri1
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    Got the February 2022 MR update from November 2021 Android 12 thanks to @jpc2001. Very odd how simple security updates are geo-restricted.

  • jpc2001 jpc2001
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    The question remains, was it correct to expect a G50 handset to update from 00WW_2_160 to one of the newer versions in the table at

    Maybe not: there are more than one variant of the G50 (TA-1361, TA-1358, TA-1370, TA-1367, and TA-1390) and maybe they don't all work with the same builds? If that's the case, it'd be nice if Nokia's table would note this.

    The version names may include a signal about this: all have prefix 00WW. In the second field, 1 is Android 11 and 2 is Android 12. The third field is mysterious: we see 100, 160, 220, 250, and now my TA-1390 handset collected 260 that's not in the table yet. The optional fourth field is a security patch level (SP01, SP02)

    I'd expect a phone running 00WW_2_220 for example should update to 00WW_2_220_SP02 -- assuming that the 3rd field ("220") maps to the set of handsets supported by this build.

    What else could that 3rd field be? If it's not a signal about the handsets supported, why would we see two seemingly independent release streams for Android 12 in the 160/260 and 220 lineages?

  • jkeloltri1 jkeloltri1
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    I think the 3rd field is just the build version. (MR update like the one our phones received should bump this up)

    My guesses are that they've messed up rolling out the updates, or there's a bug with the initial out of box Android 12 update (00WW_2_160) that somehow makes security updates non-discoverable. The former seems more culpable though as the phone only discovered 00WW_2_260 (build not listed on update tracker website) with a Netherlands VPN connection.

  • First time posting...I think I have to reply before I can create a thread...?!?

    Anyway, my Mum had an issue with her brand new G50 (5 days old) which appeared after a System Update this week.

    Current Android version: Android 12

    Current build: OOWW_2_260

    The Home Screen was displaying multiple copies of some of the apps such as Photos, Settings, Gmail.

    There was always one version of these which has a gold circle around it.

    If we drag one of the versions without a gold circle off the top of the screen & remove it, it disappears.

    If we try to remove a version with a gold circle or even move it to another location on the homescreen, it creates another copy.

    If we reach a stage where we only have one version of an affected app and we open it, it creates another version.

    In addition, if one of the apps reappears on the Home Screen, it often replaces one of the ones in the Favourites tray (the fifth one on the right).

    It has been discussed with Nokia online chat support, and they gave various instructions like verifying behaviour in Safe Mode to see if issue caused by 3rd party app & also various reset options...nothing made any difference...they even suggested a factory reset but I refused...

    Today, while I was guiding my Mum through the suggested steps and there was no difference between Safe & Normal mode, I discovered the exact same behaviour on my X20.

    If I drag an icon from the Favourites tray, it gets replaced by another icon with a circle around it.

    I can drag the icon with the circle to the homescreen, it creates a duplicate.

    If I attempt to remove the icon with the circle by dragging it off the top of the screen, I only get the option to 'Cancel' or 'Don't suggest App'. If I drop it into "Don't suggest App", the icon for a different app appears in the Favourites bar (with a circle around it).

    I can drag the first icon (which was originally in Favourites bar) back to Favourites and the one with the circle disappears and it leaves a gap for me to restore.

    So the issue seems to be that the Favourites tray HAS to contain 5 icons now....

    X20 is also running Android 12

    Build number 00WW_2_350_SP03

    I think this needs to be reported as an Android software bug....however Nokia mobile care aren't aware of this being a common issue yet so won't report it further. Therefore, I wanted to share with other users in this forum....

  • "I can drag the icon with the circle to the homescreen, it creates a duplicate."

    The duplicate entry does not have a circle around it, and can be dragged to the top & removed.

  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    Brand new G50 from the box. Didn't insert SIM, just connected Wifi and it installed Android 12 v2.260 as part of initial setup!

    It only updated to February Google Play system update though.

  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    To update to March Google Play system update, I just had to go to settings, apps, select Google Play Store, then Storage and Cache. and select Clear Storage. It's perfectly safe to do so. The phone will be a little unresponsive momentarily as it rebuilds the cache and other things it does. The Google Play system update option will disappear from under security for a minute or two. When it reappeared the March update was available. It also resolves the issue of Google Play system update being temporarily unavailable if you have ever struck that.

  • Xsjlo Xsjlo
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    And again, there is no communication about the updates. The last one was from April and it is almost July. Come on Nokia, where are the project fast updates for Android One?

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    It's the same case with Nokia X10, Nokia X20 and G21.

    Fast updates is a thing of past. Nowadays Nokia phones are the worst when it comes to regular updates.

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