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I tried charge my XR20 with an old DT-100 and also with an actual HMD Qi charger, the DT-10, but it charges well only few times, after the charging speed slows down and stop.

Is it a bug or it's just not the right charger ?


  • I have an old DT-904 wireless charger and also have issues with the XR20, most of the time it fails to charge or the battery indicator will suddenly reach 100%.

    The charger works fine with my Nokia 9 PureView so I don't think the output is the problem. I feel like the XR20 has issues with the adaptive battery as it also fails to charge on a wired connection without being restarted first.

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    I am not having any charging problems here so far - both wired and wirelessly. But I have to make sure that I place it on the wireless charger in the right position, otherwise it won't charge. I use a wireless charger from ONLYWIN that I just bought recently.

  • Hello,

    I also noticed a wireless charging issue with my XR20.

    Indeed, when I charge it with my Ikea QI wireless charger (which I have always used), it does not seem to charge as it should. I installed the "ampere" app in order to watch the charging amperage, and I was surprised that this one is not at all regular. Indeed, sometimes when I put the phone down, I get 1000mah of charge, and sometimes I only get 300mah... I specify that the phone is well positioned but I still get different measurements...

    Most of the time, the charge stops at 72%...

    I tried to charge the phone in my car with Xiaomi's wireless charger, and this time the charge is correct (2400mah).

    I also tried with the Xiaomi power bank wireless charging, and also got a decent charge with 2400mah.

    I think the problem comes either from the adaptive battery parameter or from the power of the AC adapter which is connected with the QI charger... (I use a 5v/1A charger)

    So I ordered a more powerful AC adapter (5v/3.0, 18w).

    Does anyone have another solution?

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    My XR20 charges at 5W with my wireless charger while using the 18W adapter.

    The wireless charger is rated 15W for Samsung and 5W for others, so, it is delivering what it advertised. I'll update if I find a better charger 😁

    I'm not sure why Qi standard is still dependent on the manufacturer.

  • XR20, is it support Huawei wireless charger?

    or please suggest supporting a wireless charger.

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    I use the belkin boost charge stand with 15w support

    No problems and charger and usb-c cable in the box👍

  • I wasn't aware that this phone screen had wireless charging

  • Hello, all! So, I there recommended/best wireless charger for our XR20s 😁 I have Aukey Aircore 15W - it works, but a bit strange, I still need to check speed/wattage.

    Also, it looks to me, that charger should be not in the middle, but placed a bit to the right side of the phone, does anyone observed similar?

  • I'm using Nokia DT-10W Wireless Charger and have no problem with chariging my XR20.