Dropped calls on G50

My calls get dropped in the middle of the call on Nokia G50.

Any views/suggestion or help as why this happening. My mobile network is working perfectly so no issues with the Network.


  • Такая же ерунда, уже обновил сим карту и все равно телефон сам себе хозяин, сбрасывает когда хочет

  • Same issue with my G50.

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    Looking for a close to issue. Expecting a reply. StaplesAdvantage

  • No issues here. On April system and April Google Play system update

  • Hi does anyone know how I can get in touch with the Nokia company? My phone freezes. The keypad disappears. And can't take calls sometimes. Haven't had it long.

  • Are you on August system update and Google Play System update? Both can be found under settings --> security.

    Are all the apps updated, including phone, google play services etc?

    Quite often third party apps (from the Play Store) are crap. They are poorly written and are just hopeful to get advertising revenue (or fool people ibto buying it). Actually this is pretty much the majority of apps. Google and Apple wanted to have the most apps in their respective stores, not only for their own marketing but because they get a pretty large cut (30 percent etc) of any money spent by consumers or money from ads. I would suggest uninstalling any unnecessary apps like third party diallers, non mainstream messenger apps, anything that is otherwise useless. Even launchers, although the official Microsoft Launcher is fine, well programmed and ad free).

    Even games, there are so many that are scam games where you have to pay big dollars for the chance to progress. They can stay in the memory which is very sus, and potentially cause issues.

    Anyways, remove the crap, update your phone and remaining apps, and see how things go then 🙂.

  • I found that if i talk through Whatsapp or messenger in Nokia G50, the receiver can not hear me and ask me to talk loudly. Moreover, after i end a voice call, the receiver end can still hear me. what a funny phone it is

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