Android 12 for Nokia 5.4

Nokia 5.4 faced some really tragic delay in case of software updates inspite of the fact that its an android one certified device plus Nokia was(was) known for its prompt software updates. However, according to norms laid by Nokia the 5.4 is slated to get 2 major android updates ending with the android 12 to be precise. Can anyone from hmd global and Nokia reply that when Android 12 shall be hitting the Nokia 5.4?


  • Anyone knows how to do a full firmware flash of Android 12 on the 5.4?

  • I'm sick and tired with Nokia...

    May 13... and neither a regular Security Update nor Android 12...

    Same as with my predecessor Nokia phone.

    I'm fed up with Nokia now.

  • Hello

    do you have android 12?

    thank you

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Android 12 is not available for Nokia 5.4 yet.