Missing Security Updates

As for Nokia 9 Preview, Security Updates are missing since December 2021.

Missing Security Updates

Phoenex Phoenex
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As for Nokia 9 Preview, Security Updates are missing since December 2021.

I've bought this phone since it's one of the 'Android One' Program phones, which came along with several promises. It's been about Security, Updates and Upgrades. Monthly Security Updates, that wouldn't be shipped later than a month after been published by Google. 9PW got these Updates, but most of the time not immediately after publication by Google, but most of the times after using whole of the grace time, at the end of the month. Sometimes beginning the following month. Even if Google says that vendors are informed about and provided with patches a month before Google's publication of the security issues. Even worse, that Nokia seems to include just the minimal amount of Security Updates, leaving SoC/Qualcomm specific issues unpached (e.g. '2021-12-01 security patch level' instead of '2021-12-05 security patch level'). Do we like really like to run around with an unsecure device for weeks and weeks? As of today, Feb 16, 2022, there's still nothing better available than '2021-12-01 security patch level'.

Nokia 9 PureView is part of the 'Android One'-Program, and recommend by 'Android Enterprise':


These offerings include

Security updates until*

March 2022

Security update frequency*


Nokia 9 PureView does not meet these points.

My personal view: I don't need an Upgrade to the latest Android version, even if this has been assured to Nokia 9 Pureview customers. But I'm definitely in need of a secure device. A device, which receives security patches before the underlying security flaws are made public. (Again: before, not weeks after.) A device, which gets every security patch available, not only the minimum.

Nokia 9 PureView didn't meet my expectations in regards of the advertised 'Security'. Great device otherwise, once Camera App and the degrading display, which leaves something like a bar-formed brighter area at the android navigation area, that disturbs viewing pictures in full screen mode, are not in focus.

Dear Nokia developers, what's next? Any updates that are released soon? Any refunds? Or are you going to open the bootloader and publish sources and drivers, to let customers compile and install their own patched Android version on their own?


  • Cico Cico
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    Youp, no security updates for the device since december. For the fact that there is no android 11 update, they should at least patch it's security one more year... am a big fan since 2001, but now am starting to get disappointed... quite disappointed. My next device will probably be a Fairphone, at least with that one i can install what i want and use it till it goes poc. This one is slowly becoming a huge, perfectly functional e-waste, no update no battery... just sad.

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