How do I get customer service to

In the 4 1/2 months I have owned a Nokia G50 phone it has failed three times due to the same fault. It goes blank, ‘Android One’ comes up then a black screen with either ‘Start’ or ‘Power Off’ or ‘Reboot’. Selecting any sends it round in a loop. All Nokia offer to do is to 'fix' it. I send it to their repair centre (which leaves me without a phone for 7-10 days). It then comes back 'fixed' and promptly fails about four weeks later. Always with the same problem.  I'm stuck in this cycle of phone failure - send for repair - phone return 'fixed' - phone fails - send for repair. 

The only way to contact them is via email or their remote online chat. All either offer me is the same solution. They say my problem will be escalated after I've sent the device for repair and if the problem can't be fixed.  So I send it for repair. It gets fixed. Then fails about four weeks later. 

Does anyone have a way of contacting someone more senior in customer service who can actually do something about this?  The phone is only 4 1/2 months old; itobviously has a serious fault/malfunction.  I want a lasting solution, preferably a refund. My faith in Nokia products is at zero.


  • A quick look in these pages will answer your questions, NOT. There is no support at all. It is history repeating itself. From the moment they sold to Microsoft Nokia just ended..