Hello Everyone, I have this error in My Nokia C20 when i apply the Android Update, Please Help.

I reset the Update and the error's message is the same, i restart My phone, make all the process Again and the trouble persist. Please, i need your Help guys. Thanks You.


Best Answers

  • Thank you my friend for your support, the problem is solved but I made more things that only free my internal storage at 60%. I did this steps than someone calles Ellie from nokia's support gave to me (please see the image for the steps), and a theory I probed: I'm from Nicaragua, so I changed my phone language to English and change my region to EEUU, specific, Chicago, later make the steps of the image, I try to update. I was 40% of my internal storage used when I solved the problem, before I was 50% of free storage. Thank you guys.

  • When the updates is done, only update: Google Play System Update, and your phone will be like the image.