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Today I have updated my phone to Feb,22 Security Patch. Now it's showing Emergency Callback Mode on... though it should have stopped after 5 minutes but it's still showing. The problem is, it is resisting Mobile Data to work. Leaving Factory Reset aside, I tried every possible thing but nothing seems working. Can anyone help me with this?



  • I can confirm that you are not alone in facing this issue, I too updated my phone (Nokia 2.4) within the last two hours and are now facing the exact same problem. At one point the issue resolved itself (I have no idea how) but when I restarted the phone it resurfaced. I've tried fixing the issue by emptying the cache and storage of the "phone service" application and then restarting the phone but even that didn't help.

    I'm not sure if it is possible to revert to the previous security update version but that would be my suggested course of action until HMD can issue a fixed update. Contacting support and informing them about the issue will probably speed up the process.

  • I have the same issue. My phone service is compromised. It's stopped completely. Neither I can make a call nor a call is getting connected to my number while the sim card is in this phone... I've already performed a factory reset but be assured that this will not fix the issue. Data connection will restore itself after several restarts. However phone service is completely stopped.

    Requesting HMD to provide immediate fix for this problem. nokia users should not face such issue...

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    Same issue. I tried:

    • Soft reset (hold power and vol up for 10 seconds).
    • Hard Reset to factory defaults.
    • Reset w/o sim card.

    The phone is stuck there, if i restart it, get the Wireless up but wont be able to get mobile data. Please help.

  • Next time I'll think 1000 times before taking updates for my phone. Totally lost confidence on Nokia

  • Friends please post immediately if you get any solution

  • same problem.i updated my phone today and after installing that update its showing that Emergency callback mode is active and when i click the exit button it keep on showing the message "exiting Emergency callback mode".

    please provide a solution

  • I have informed this to Customer Support, they assured to inform this to relevant team. Hope it get resolved soon.

  • Same issue here in South Africa after restart of the latest update.

    Is it a Nokia or Andriod problem?

    Tried also everything (except hard reset) mention by previous users.

  • i also informed it to the customer support.they said the same thing as they said to you

  • Yes today I have updated latest February security patch. Now internet is working but calling not working. Please nokia test the software before rollout

  • Calling is not working. After update

  • emergency callback mode resists calling and data services including wifi facility. However data services restores itself sometimes but no sign of calling facility.

    Everyone please write the matter to [email protected]

    another information for the community..... that I have alrealdy visited a service centre (I'm from India) and they have failed to give me a solution...

    contacted customer care service and requesting everyone from India to call and register your issue at 1800 1028 169.

  • Hey, there seems problem with Security Patch. Security Patch doesn't seems to be optimised properly.

  • Yeah, please. Everyone raise this issue in support chat, mail, call whatsoever. The more stress we will put the more likely it will get resolved soon.

  • Hi,

    On 25th February I received a security update and took it. After successesfull installation and restart the phone goes in Emergency Callback Mode (initially for 5 minutes and then for infinity). Now It has lost its phone service and data service.

    On tapping the notification "emergency callback mode" an option pops up- do you want to exit the emergency callback mode> on tapping yes the phone shows exiting emergency callback and starts rolling..... But nothing happens in the end.

    However the data service restores itself after several restarts but calling facility has never come back...

    I've done even a "factory data reset" after several restarts. Nothing helped. Then I went to the service centre but they could not help me. I asked them to restore the previous version of android but they replied that this will make my phone dead.

    Contacted customer care numbers and written to nokia chat service.

    Now I will write to nokia email support i.e. [email protected]

    Friends, please update on the matter if you find anything useful solution.

    build number is 00WW_2_280_SP01

  • Asking all friends to like each others comment...

    It's a serious issue and mind it that I've already visited the customer care centre but they could not help. The only help we can expecet is from the technical support team who creates the updates without even testing.....!!!

    raise new discussions also...


  • Same issue, I also asked support...they told to visit nearest Service Centre. I told them this is not the problem with my phone it's the error in Security Patch as it's happening to everyone who took update not only me.

    They told to forward the issue to higher authority.

  • I've already visited a service centre... they could not help me. They told me that there may be a new update and the problem will be solved. They cannot do anything right now. They kept my phone number and told that if new update is available at a later time from the company they will contact me and update my phone on paying service charges...

  • LekaPraat
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    Emergency Callback Solution

    I found solution - for my phone at least.

    I removed the SIM Card Lock on both SIM's in the phone, restart it and on reboot the Emergency Callback is GONE....... the phone was connected to Internet with WiFi OFF!

    Then I add the SIM Card Lock again to SIM2 only; reboot; and Emergency Callback was there again.

    So, temporary bad news for our security conscious users.

  • Yep, i can confirm aswell: Removing SIM lock exits the Emergency Callback mode after restarting.

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    Removing SIM lock works for me too.

    The setting you need to set to OFF is:

    Settings->Security->SIM card Lock->Lock SIM card

    Then reboot and the "Emergency Callback Mode" issue has gone away.

    I should note that if you set the SIM Card Lock back to ON the issue re-appears, but only after you reboot while that setting is set to ON.

    For the security conscious you can set it OFF then reboot then set it ON. This will be a bit annoying each time I need to reboot but if I reboot once a week and nokia get a fix in say 4 weeks then should not be too bad.

    I have also reported this workaround to the Nokia online chat . Hopefully that will help others who contact Nokia support and they said they would tell the developers too... so that should help them find the bug in the code and issue a proper fix.

    I sent Nokia support the link to this thread so I am not trying to claim credit for LekaPraat's great work!

    Many thanks LekaPraat!



  • Please make it more clear. Give Step by step process if you can make call from your phone now...

  • s0l0
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    Workaround found in this thread https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/comment/202838

    Short version of workaround...


    Settings->Security->SIM card Lock->Lock SIM card

    to OFF

    Then reboot phone.

  • LekaPraat
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    Solution for Mr Ghosh & other dummies:

    Goto to Settings; Search for "SIM Card Lock"; Tap it on dsiplay;

    "SIM card lock settings" screen appears;

    For each SIM (blue line active) do:

    Tap "Lock SIM Card"; Type PIN code, Then tap OK

    Thereafter Reboot phone.

  • Friend you can insult me saying dummy or whatever you want. But be assured that the first thing I did to resolve emergency callback mode was removing sim lock. With this I am able to use internet service but Call facility is totally gone. See my comment- I asked you to explain only if you can make calls from your phone. If I'm the only one who can't make calls even after SIM lock trick it's really bad news for me...

  • In Ireland, last night alert came in to up date, and since than I have emergency callback mode has appeared and still has not gone no matter what I do.

  • Can you make call after the trick?

    I know data is working.

  • Same thing happened to me yesterday. I updated my Nokia to the last security update and I lost data connection. My phone calls are not affected, only data is off. The message said : "emergency callback mode" (No data connection until ...) I called Nokia support they suggested to wait for a Nokia formal solution, after I tried a soft reset that didn't work. I temporarily solved my problem by removing my SIM card and placing it to another phone. Then I turned on BLUETOOTH TETHER. And it works (until it it's fixed by official update that is). WiFi doesn't work so only BLUETOOTH allows me to use the internet. That's all , I hope I helped. If someone has new info please share...

  • Did you have SIM Lock (SIM PIN) activated? Please reply.