MWC 2022 highlights - Nokia G11 and Nokia G21

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Hello Fans, greetings from Mobile World Congress 2022!

We're super excited to announce two new Nokia smartphones - the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21.

And here's Product Marketing Lead Petri Hayrynen on the new launches...

What do you think about the two new smartphones? Tell us in the comments below!



  • Hallo, habe das G21 seit der letzten Woche. Leider läuft die Software nicht sauber, oder der Prozessor ist zu langsam. Der Startbildschirm flackert andauernd, beim Wischen über den Bildschirm dauert es zu lange, an das Ziel zu kommen oder die Software hängt sich auf und ich muss neu starten. Die Bedienerführung it der Zurücktaste ist nicht optimal gelöst. Sie ist versteckt im rechten Rand und mit Schutzhülle trifft man den Rand nicht immer. Die Gesichtserkennung schaltet z.B. im Auto, wenn das G21 im Smartphonehalter steckt, den Bildschirm immer wieder ein. Das ist störend und geht auf den Akku. Kamera soweit schnell und mit guter Bildqualität. Ich bin ein echter Nokia Fan. Nokia schon früher gekauft und immer wieder. Lumia, Nokia 9 und jetzt leider "nur" das G21. Aber bitte arbeitet an einer reibungslosen Software und Bedienung. Danke!!! Bleibt bitte dran!!

  • Nokia presented just two devices, it's funny. Please anybody, is there global version of Nokia G50. I liked the specification of that phone and I don't know why this is market specific.

  • Very disappointed

  • Lots of budget-tier devices, an imaging-focused high-end device would be welcome or else Nokia Mobile will lose some long term fans and customers very soon.

    That said, I bought the new G21 and was impressed with the battery life and general day-to-day use, the generic design is not appealing but the materials and metal internal frame make the G21 feel more premium.

    It replaced a very old phone running Android Go that my mum was using, for users like her who only need the basics it was a huge upgrade.

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    Well, the G11 and G21 were already announced before MWC. What they really announced at MWC (via a virtual event?) were

    1. Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    2. Nokia C21; and
    3. Nokia C21 Plus

    I don't know why are these not included in the highlights above because this is what they published when the MWC started. Was it typical hmd - announce something of which there's no real product to showcase?

    Making and selling budget-centric phones is an okay job as they have customers across all price points. However, entirely committing to this price segment is slowly making the Nokia brand no better than Tecno, iTel, or Infinix.

    Where's the variety and brand appeal?

    And with products like these only, why does one need the brand Nokia to exist? Why not just sell products with hmd logos and we all can move on to something better while hmd can appeal its enterprise friends - which seems to be the only target for them right now.

    If you're Nokia Mobile, then be like Nokia. Don't be like Tecno mobile. And what's the difference with everything is coming out from the house of the same ODMs that make everything for Tecno and the likes?

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    They are there only for the sake of it. Nokia legacy is long forgotten.

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    It is good that they have made some clear communication around what one can expect from them. And the answer is clear - no flagships or top-of-the-line devices. And I believe the same goes for mid-rangers except for the ones that don't stand out.

    The author did summarize it relatively well and I kind of do agree with the summary.

    Letting the Nokia brand revival fizzle out is better than letting it die entirely a second death, and starting from (nearly) scratch with healthier foundations is better than stubbornly continuing down a losing path. I still think that many avoidable mistakes were made on the way: The botched update and buggy software situation could’ve been better handled for one, and the company could’ve been more transparent about its shortcomings and change in strategy. There’s also the more recent matter of the HMD patent ban in Europe, and the unclear current direction taken with/without Android One. A lot of good faith accrued in 2017-2018 has been wasted because of these missteps, and many more.

    There are things that hmd have done wrong. But completely alienating itself from the techy/geeky/nerdy audience is probably the worst kind of strategy at a time when every company aims to be in the news and form an image in the consumer's mind. Sure, they should very well focus on where the cash flow is coming from ie. the budget segment, but they should also burn money on building at least a bunch of hero phones that keep the flame going. Else Nokia will be soon forgotten or be left as a budget phone player at best!

    Talking of which, I have decided to move on and take a leap to the Samsung Galaxy. I'll still be around, but as with everybody else, my activity on these forums has also almost ended - all because there's nothing other than the repeat customer complaints to which hmd barely pays heed. Look at Motorola who have their support peeps also helping the people over at Reddit and then look at hmd whose official community is far away from any kind of official touch, not to mention that the whole chat/phone support is next to useless and the reported problems reaching no clear solutions, even if you waste your time to write to their top management to try to fix problems that will help them and not you. Tried emailing their country heads to their CEO, none bothered even taking a look - possibly super busy churning out the next ODM's phone slapped with the Nokia logo.

    Sorry @dipankar paul for ruining this thread. But you started it by asking "What do you think". So, that's kinda what do we and the community at large thinks. Will this make a difference? I don't think so. I don't even think it is that difficult to build a well-balanced product and push it down your supply chain that already exists. It would have been nice if @Adam F also spent some time here to know what the users think. Anyways, that's one more unfulfilled dream, just like countless others.

    I hard "profitable" so many times since the MWC 2022 PRs started. But what does profitability mean for a startup company? Shouldn't the company be burning that profit into developing better products and expanding instead of saying "profit" "profit"? The company is successful already and it is time to start paying back the investors and also bring an IPO?

  • blah blah

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    Couldn't agree more.

    I visit the forum regularly just to check if there is at least some sort of official activity... But never found any. And now even the users have understood and stopped complaining, coz their complains fall on to deaf ears.

    And same as you, I will also soon move back to Galaxy if a good Pixel is not available.

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    At the end of the day, time will come that nobody's buy an HMD Global Phone soon if still have no space for improvement of your phones/products 'til the end.

    @dipankar paul mark my words because everyone was expecting at least the specs will be improved.

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    I agree with what most have written here. Let me just add that the Nokia G11 and G21 have nothing to do with Nokia at all. For me, these are just Chinese phones with the Nokia logo.

  • I have the G21,satisfied sofar,but the gyroscope doesn't seem to function?

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    Asexual, trashy, and I would even say that for 2022 hopeless smartphones with so much bugs. Give up on the phones and maybe start producing, I don't know - maybe dishes? ... 👎️

  • Hab selber ein Nokia Smartphone. (2.3) hat auch nur wenig cpu Leistung aber läuft super. Hab einmal auf die Werkseinstellung Zurückgeset. Vielleicht hilft dir das auch. Versuchs Mal

  • it is good !

    It is now available in the market of our country !

    But I have a question for G20 owners.

    Do you have an automatic restart problem?

  • Nokia needs to think big progress, it has mid-range phones, but flagship phones are something else.

    Nokia should consider moving ahead of Samsung (Huawei, Honor, Apple) brands

    Nokia 10 should come with special features with the best screen and camera quality ...

    I wish this was not a word and Nokia to progress

  • Nokia needs to think big progress, it has mid-range phones, but flagship phones are something else.

    Nokia should consider moving ahead of Samsung (Huawei, Honor, Apple) brands

    Nokia 10 should come with special features with the best screen and camera quality ...

    I wish this was not a word and Nokia to progress

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  • I'm looking for something that will replace my Nokia 7.1, i would Like to buy another Nokia, but i think that i have nothing to buy from they. The last phone i liked from Nokia was 8.3.

    Before 2 years.

  • Bought a nokia G21 last week and it's screen automatic flikers in pocket for travelling . Is it only my issue or someone have it too? Please reply nokia this is very big issue for this mobile. light automatic on and phone is heating high.